Advertising then and now

Today’s consumers are demanding. They expect brands to provide a consistent experience across multiple platforms and devices. They demand tailored and relevant ads and want to engage with a brand in the moments that matter for them.
Advertisers will turn to media owners for a solution that caters for seamless ad creation, enhances consumer engagement and drives business performance for their particular goals.

The Localstars platform is that solution to help delivering multiple format advertising easy, ensuring media owners can efficiency scale and automate digital advertising from lead to revenue.

Benefits of working with Localstars

Increase Sales

Our unique creative selling techniques and technology enable your sales team to realise 20 – 45% conversion rates on their digital sales campaigns.

Boost Efficiency

Our unique technology creates award-winning digital display ads in minutes to increase ad production with efficiency savings whilst still accelerating ad sales.

Upscale your Offering

Extend your reach with available audiences to 1000s of websites outside your portfolio to further enable your advertisers to engage with the audiences that matter.

Reposition your Business

The Localstars platform ensures you can reposition your business as a cross-media service provider.

With Localstars delivering multiple format advertising is easy

Single Platform

Localstars has created unique technology that efficiently creates and delivers multiple format adverts.


In 2014, world-leading brands and media companies trusted Localstars to create and deliver over 1 million adverts.


Localstars technology has been proven to accelerate monthly campaign sales by 900% through automation.

The creative selling techniques utilised by the Localstars Platform has been proven to increase digital sales conversions by over 500%.

Ad production efficiency has been increased by 500% simply by tapping into the power of the Localstars Ad Builder.

Media owners have increased order values by 5X, by providing their advertisers with access to multi-format digital display ads.

Integrating the Localstars solution with booking and ad servers is shown to reduce delivery times by 66% and cut cost per campaign by 33%.


Localstars is valued by the advertising industry.

Localstars awards

  • Advertising Technology Partner, highly commended, 
from the British Media Awards 2014
  • Technology Partner of the Year 
from the Association of Online Publishers 2012
  • Best Technology Partner finalist, 
The Newspaper Awards 2012
  • Innovation Award finalist 
from the National Business Awards 2011

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