Advertising then and now

Today’s consumers engage with adverts in multiple formats: online, on mobile devices and in print.
So advertisers need adverts in multiple formats.

Delivering multiple format advertising manually is complex, but the Localstars solution makes it easy.

With Localstars delivering multiple format advertising is easy

Single Platform

Localstars has created unique technology that efficiently creates and delivers multiple format adverts.


In 2014, world-leading brands and media companies trusted Localstars to create and deliver over 1 million adverts.


Improve your sales

Localstars’ technology is proven to improve advertising sales by 55% year on year.

Localstars’ in-situ previews are proven to increase sales by 400%, attracting new customers and encouraging existing advertisers to try more adverts formats.

Our customers achieve 30% higher average order values by automatically creating premium format adverts as an option for advertisers to buy.

Integrating the Localstars solution with booking and ad servers is shown to reduce delivery times by 66% and cut cost per campaign by 33%


Localstars is valued by the advertising industry.

Localstars awards

  • Advertising Technology Partner, highly commended, 
from the British Media Awards 2014
  • Technology Partner of the Year 
from the Association of Online Publishers 2012
  • Best Technology Partner finalist, 
The Newspaper Awards 2012
  • Innovation Award finalist 
from the National Business Awards 2011