Scale and automate your digital advertising from lead to revenue

As a global advertising technology business our unique technology empowers publishers and media owners to efficiently scale and automate digital advertising from lead to revenue.

A flexible solution tailored around the needs of your business

We understand that different media owners and publishers will have individual needs and requirements.

The Localstars solution is flexible and able to be tailored to ensure all your business needs are met. You can choose to create award-winning ads, tap into our creative selling techniques to empower your sales team, extend your reach and enhance your workflows.

We help media owners, publishers and broadcasters to create high impact ads and grow their display advertising revenues. Our flexible solution helps media owners create digital, mobile, video and print ads at the same time in minutes.

Delivering Multi-Format Ads with the Localstars Solution is easy!

Localstars Solution

We understand that different companies are at different stages of their digital journey and have specific requirements. The Localstars solution is flexible, ensuring your business needs are met. Media owners can choose to simply make fast and great ads or opt for a customised solution for assets, brand styles, outsourcing, extended reach and much more.

A solution designed for you

The Localstars solution helps you

Boost conversion rates on your digital sales campaigns

  • Use creative selling techniques to bring your proposition to life for your advertisers. Build on-brand and tailored ads for your targets in minutes enabling them to see exactly how their ads will look when live. Secure conversion rates of between 25% and 45%.
  • Get the key metrics to track the engagement of your prospects. See how many times they’ve viewed the ad and for how long. Understand when prospects are viewing the ad, enabling your sales team to engage with them when they’re ready to buy. Prospects can even request a call back.
  • Drive the efficiency of your sales team ensuring they can be hands off until it’s time to sell.

Enjoy flexible ad-ops solutions and integrations that fit seamlessly into your existing workflows

  • Once your ads are developed they will automatically be sent for approval and onto the ad server without any requirement for manual approvals.
  • Enjoy an optimised and seamless service to make post-flight changes once a campaign is live, including changes to the creative, duration and click-through URL without having to make any change to the ad-tags.

Dramatically increase sales revenues by offering extended audiences to your advertisers

  • Extend your available ad space to websites outside your portfolio of publications, enabling your advertisers to reach local audiences across hundreds of third party websites.
  • Help your advertisers to get in front of the customers that really matter for their business through the right combination of geo fencing, geotargeting, retargeting and keyword targeting.

Report on the metrics that matter and go way beyond impressions, clicks and conversions

  • Evolve your campaigns and creatives to ensure you drive the best results for your clients.
  • Provide extra value to your advertisers so they can begin to analyse the success of their campaigns and plan for future investment.

Build award-winning digital display ads in minutes with our intuitive ad builder

  • Enhance ad production efficiency and build beautiful, feature-rich, high-impact, multi-shape HTML5 ads in minutes, across multiple devices.
  • Choose from 1000s of ad templates and customise for your advertisers. There are numerous industry-specific templates to help boost engagement.
  • Create the ad once with the Localstars platform automatically formatting it into multiple shapes and sizes to be used cross-device.
  • Use feed ads to ensure ads are always up to date and use dynamic ads to change content depending on external variables.
Contact us today to see how we can help you grow your digital advertising revenues

Pick a style: We have 100s of researched and tested creative styles for you to choose from. Our easy ad builder helps you to customise the design in minutes.

Customise for your brand: Upload your brand template and images so that all your ads can automatically have the right colours, logos and positioning.

Create new ads: Make your ad unique with full creative control over colours, images and font styles.

Preview and share:Use share links from our preview tool to quickly send visuals to approvers and clients so they can make a fast decision and you can book and place the ad.

In-context spec ads: Our innovative tool allows you to visualise ads within the context of a website, bringing ads to life as clients can see exactly what they are buying and where the ad will appear – helping close the sale.

Full-suite of ad types: Advertisers can benefit from having high-quality print, digital, video and mobile ads, all created to their brand style. Our system caters for all IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau) unit sizes and shapes, all MMA (Mobile Marketing Association) sizes and shapes with additional features such as Click to Action. Sales teams will have more choices for advertisers creating new opportunities and sources of revenue.

To your booking system: Our solution can fit your process and we can connect to a range of booking systems such as Salesforce, DPS, Pongrass, Newscycle and Miles33 to create a seamless workflow for you.

To your ad servers: Our system is compatible or integrated with all popular ad servers including DFP, OpenX, Adtech, Helios, Emediate, Cxense, Smart, DoubleClick and OpenAdStream, we can work with your preferences.

To your page planners: For print,our platform can generate PDFs and push them to your planning tools helping automate the production process and ensuring perfect results.

To your audience extension network: We work with popular programmatic platforms like OpenX,, Google Ad Exchange and AppNexus, opening up a range of powerful audience targeting opportunities for publishers to increase revenues and audience reach.

As much support as your business needs

Full Production Outsource: we can manage the whole process from first contact to final delivered campaigns, so you can focus resources as you need to.

Overflow Creative: our studio can assist with creatives or production as you need it so that you can manage all the extra demand in the busy periods and increase your sales.

Workflow Optimisation: we can customise your account so that you instantly create multi-format ads, allowing your designers to concentrate on fantastic creatives.

Systems Integration: we offer full integration from advertising sales to production so you have the most efficient workflow allowing you to make those sales even faster.