Localstars Sales Automation Engine powers your sales team to be the most efficient it can be in accelerating sales

When it comes to empowering your sales team; we can help them engage with decision-makers at a time when the prospect is at their hottest. We can ensure that the right deals are closed at the easiest moment. Guaranteeing your sales team concentrate on what they do best; selling. Most importantly we can ensure that those ever-growing sales targets are smashed.


How does the Localstars Sales Automation Engine work?
The Localstars Sales Automation engine uses a combination of automation and proven sales intelligence to give your sales team the best chance of closing deals with your advertisers. We have a four-step process to ensure sales success for media owners.

Step 1

Provide us with a list of your hottest prospects and we will create on-brand ads that are automatically tailored to each of your clients’ targets in minutes. This will enable them to see exactly how their ads will look when live.

Step 2

They’ll receive an emailed link to the ad running in context on one of your publications. The sales agent is notified as soon as the email is opened and more importantly when the ad is being viewed giving your team fantastic buying signals. The prospect can even request a call-back from your salesperson.

Step 3

Our sales automation engine also records other metrics which enables you to rank and prioritise your prospects. Ultimately, this leads to increased sales as your targeting your warmest opportunities at their most opportune time.

Step 4

When a client is engaged it’s easy to tweak the creative in real-time to get quicker sign-off on the sale. This dramatically reduces the resource required and time to go-live for signed off deals, all to achieve an accelerated sales growth.

What are the benefits of the sales automation tool for media owners?

1. Higher conversions

Your advertiser no longer has to envisage what their ad will look like. It has already been built and they can see exactly what it will look like on one of your publications. We’ve seen between 25% and 45% conversion rates on adverts that are proposed to advertisers.

2. Tracking

The Sales Automation System gives you key metrics to understand the engagement of your prospects. You can see how many times they’ve viewed the ad and for how long. You know how ready they are to buy.

3. Perfect Timing

If you know when your prospect is viewing the ad, you know it’s the best time to contact them. The ad will be fresh and exciting, and they are highly engaged. This is the time to sell and close the deal. They can also request callbacks with your sales agent.

4. Quicker to go live

The ad is already built. There’s no need for them to go and source expensive creative. As soon as they see the ad there is a decision to be made with three outcomes.

  • No – Ask for feedback, however, it’s unlikely this client is as hot as initially thought so make sure you tag them as such in your CRM accordingly so you can focus on better engaged clients
  • Yes – quick easy sign-off, deal is done and their ads can go live
  • Maybe – your client likes the concept but wants a couple of tweaks to be on brand. Great buying indicator and you can make the changes direct in the system so they see the updates live
5. Time-saving

Your sales team will be super-efficient. They’ll be completely hands-off with each prospect until it becomes time to sell. There will be no wasted time calling uninterested people. That means that they can spend their time doing what they do best: closing with hot prospects.

What does the future hold for Localstars Sales Automation Engine?

As you know, the Localstars Sales Automation engine uses automation and proven sales intelligence to give your sales team the best chance of closing the best deals with your advertisers.

Localstars are building machine learning models using the interactions and third-party intelligence to allow Artificial Intelligence to further optimise the SAE processes. By also using machine learning algorithms, the Localstars SAE will be able to recommend the best products and packages to position to your prospects based on thousands of data indicators. Enabling your sales teams to close the highest value deals, giving you even more sales revenue per employee.

If you’re you looking to smash sales targets year on year by maximising your digital revenue or exploring new tactics of digital revenue growth then Sales Automation is for your business.

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