Coming to a town near you. Our CEO and expert in Digital Ads is touring the US this Spring

Why should you meet?

Display advertising is growing, last year alone this channel grew 14.3% to £11.5billion and the amount being spent on smartphones has increased by 37.4% (or £1.1billion).

If your competition is profiting from Display Ads and you’re not then your business is not competing in the same arena. If you are then we need to start working smarter and not harder by harnessing the power of intelligent ads and benefiting from the rich data insights.


and why should Localstars be of great interest?

Localstars, established in 2008, has been delivering unique advertising technology to increase ad sales and lower ad costs by giving media companies the ability to efficiently build and deliver a customer’s advert in multiple formats at the same time for online, mobile and print.

Since 2014 world-leading brands and media companies have trusted Localstars to create and deliver online advertising, and today we deliver over 1 million ads a day. This helps our customers sell more high-value adverts creating a better performance online, on mobile and in print.  Every day our customer deliver digital campaigns in minutes, not days.


but why would you want to meet our CEO, George?

If you’re currently utilizing display advertising and want to increase sales, throughput, productivity, customer service and efficiency George can show you how leveraging Localstars will aid you in achieving your objectives.

If you’re new to display advertising, George can provide you consultative advice on how best to adopt this channel into your marketing practices.

Also, depending on where you meet, George might buy you a drink…so if you would like to meet George for any of the display advertising needs mentioned above please use the form on the right to request a meeting.

George and the team at Localstars set out in 2014 to provide print publishers the tools and capability to harness the power of digital advertising.

Leverage print to digital platform and make better use of ad inventory by giving publishers the power to create ads for their clients and serve campaigns that convert.

Localstars goes on tour