What’s new in Localstars?

January 15, 2019, written by margarita

How our platform has evolved to benefit you and your clients' needs

What do you know us for?

You know that our platform can help you build ads in minutes. You know that you can log into our platform and build your creative quickly and efficiently ensuring it is on brand and carries the right message to engage with the right customer.

That’s ok. We can still do that for you.

But there’s so much more that you can get from our platform. And that’s what we’re ready to share with you.

Think of us as your lead to revenue platform. No, in fact, your lead to revenue partner.  Working with media owners that have large direct-to-advertiser sales teams to drive revenue through our new and exciting functionality. Empowering you and enabling your clients to engage with the right customers at the perfect time, and using automation to make everything much more efficient. It’s exciting isn’t it?

We provide so much more than our core vision to efficiently build and deliver HTML5 digital ads in multiple formats at the same time

Dynamic Ads

Ads that change live automatically

Give your clients the opportunity to engage their target audience during the moments that matter to them, like when external factors impact their mindset. Ad sets are connected to external data sources which include weather, time of day, language, and even political events. So as a quick example; now a car advertiser can show their soft-top car stock in the sunshine and 4×4’s in the snow.

an always-on campaign, where the creative changes and delivers higher engagement, and all without long-winded production times”

Ad Builder

Create great digital ads in minutes

Build and deploy multi-format on brand digital ads for advertisers in minutes to increase ad efficiency for your clients. Our library of fully customisable ad templates ensure your advertiser’s message and branding are on point every time, delivering improved engagement and customer satisfaction. As an example; simply upload your customer’s own fonts, images, and quickly match brand colours.

“completely takes away the labour pain from building quality HTML5 ads for every device in every size”

Here’s what more we can do for you

Ad Reach our Audience Extension solution


Supercharge your offering to advertisers and enjoy greater revenue by increasing your yield with access to trusted third party media inventory. Increasing audience reach enables clients to engage with their target audience ensuring you are integral to their digital marketing strategies.

“We have grown our revenues 200% through Localstars Ad Reach Audience Extension”

Sales Automation


Increase digital revenue by removing the wasted dead time in Sales. Engaging with decision-makers at a time when they’re at their hottest. This will ensure deals are closed at the easiest moment, meaning revenue growth and sales targets consistently hit, all with our inbound call technology.


this is unbelievable, the way Localstars Sales Automation drives Inbound phone leads”

Now Media Owners can enjoy unique ROI and value by boosting digital advertising revenues with sales automation, improving efficiencies and stream, lining production and delivery

Advanced Insights Reporting

Surpassing clicks and impressions

Go beyond impressions and clicks with our industry-leading reporting. At the touch of a button gain Insights such as age, income, interests, gender, demographic, and marital status to shape and upsell campaigns to your advertisers’ lookalike audiences.


“ with this functionality alone, we are armed to compete for advertisers’ spend. Gone are the days of click and impression reporting”

Workflow and Integrations

Streamline and improve your operations

Our lead to revenue advertising solutions and integrations are agile to fit seamlessly into any workflows. Optimise operations by making the ad sale to delivery process slick, efficient and productive. Free your internal teams from unnecessary admin and enhance efficiencies.

“ we reduced our outsource production labour from 66 to 11. Localstars Integration team were collaborative, understood our objectives and challenges, and then delivered at speed”

To find out more on how you can obtain these substantial benefits just complete our simple form and we will be in touch

Ad Production

Let us build the creatives for you

Yes, we give you the chance to build quality ads in minutes, but you now have access to our creative studio to create bespoke ads that fit seamlessly with your client’s brand. Our team of expert graphic designers builds beautiful ads that drive higher engagement.

“It’s a managed service on steroids’