It’s time to think about Valentine’s Day Ads

January 13, 2017, written by Kavita Kovvali

Valentine’s Day is one of the first big spend days of the year and it pays to make the most of it. This day can help many retailers start with a positive lift to their revenues. It’s not just florists and chocolatiers who will see a surge in business but also speciality shops, department stores and experience companies. The key to winning on this high-spend date is to create fantastic Valentine’s Day ads which show the advertiser’s products and services in the right light.

What does Valentine’s Day mean for retailers in 2017?

Valentine’s Day spend is increasing, take a look at the graph from the National Retail Federation showing the spend in billions over the last few years.

It’s not just couples and spouses who take to the shops, it seems that lots of people feel the love. According to Statista, an estimated $703million was spent on Valentine’s presents for pets in 2015. Consumers also spent an average of $27.79 on gifts for family members (Market Research), colleagues and classmates. This shows a huge opportunity for all types of retailers.

We already know that a lot of researching, browsing and purchasing is done online, according to Barclays, almost a quarter of buyers are planning to shop online. So, traditional shops have to work on their romantic digital window dressings as well as in-store. Furthermore, with mobile increasingly being the primary channel for research, retailers need to ensure that they have strong mobile ads as well as traditional ad sizes. Bing reports that in 2016, 48% of Valentine’s Day searches were made on mobile (Search Engine Land).

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Your Valentine’s Day ads

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What does this mean for ads? It means that your advertisers want to ensure that their ads show their products to be the right presents for Valentine’s Day. Buyers will be focused on the best gift for their chosen someone for this specific day. It’s the same as wrapping Christmas presents in special festive wrapping paper. Showcase your advertiser’s products for the occasion. We’ve made some ads covering several themes to give you some ideas about how you can build your Valentine’s Day ads. Take a look at the messaging, it was written specifically with Valentine’s Day in mind. Think about what the audience will be thinking about and which ads will best answer what they are looking for. Based on the industry and products, images with hearts may not be the right style; just because it’s Valentine’s Day, it doesn’t mean everything has to be pink. Stay true to the brand style while incorporating elements of images, text and highlights to make the ad better suited for theme.

All of these ads were made using our award-winning ad platform and if you have any questions or want to make your own, just get in touch!