Unlock more from your advertisers during the season of love

February 12, 2019, written by margarita

Get something different for your advertisers this Valentine’s Day. After all, the money-saving nature of January passes and people finally get paid, February feels like a new beginning. Consumers are ready to spend money again, with Valentine’s Day the first date in the calendar that presents a real opportunity for brands and businesses to boost their sales.

With budgets often tight and digital advertising offering a quick route to market, it’s no surprise that this is the preferred option for many advertisers. As a publisher or media owner, this shift needn’t be viewed with skepticism. More like an opportunity. But only if you offer your clients the best way to get real bang for their buck.

Get something different for your advertisers this Valentine's Day

Give your advertisers something different

Don’t give them archaic systems that can’t integrate with other tools. They aren’t satisfied with fluffy performance metrics. If you present your advertisers with a scattergun approach and don’t illustrate detailed ROI, you’ll lose them.

This is the reason why many businesses are turning their backs on traditional publishers and taking their advertising and marketing in-house.

If you can allay their concerns, and crucially give them an offering that is competitive and adds additional value that caters to their needs, you can ensure they commit that all-important spend to you. This value ad structure improves repeat business with the ability to provide a digital tailor-made package that serves your client.

The Localstars Platform, media owners have a variety of ways to generate ad revenue through digital display advertising. And it’s all about the opportunities. For your clients and for you.

Creating the opportunity to reach new audiences (and the right audience)

By tapping into the capabilities of the Localstars platform you give your advertisers the chance to reach new audiences. Through Audience Extension, you can increase your available ad space to hundreds of websites outside your portfolio of publications. Advertisers get their message out there.

You’ll also want to be able to give them the opportunity to engage with audiences on a local level too.

Geotargeting & geofencing: Rejuvenating your digital offering for your advertisers

Geotargeting helps your advertisers target audiences that are known to occupy a specific geographic area, using a variety of targeting methods, such as address, zip code, or in line with a specific landmark. This means there will be no wastage of your advertisers’ spend as everything will go towards targeting as many people as possible in that specific location. It’s perfect for brand awareness.

Consider the objectives of your advertisers. They may want to increase footfall in-store. You can help them do that too.

With geo-fencing, your clients can engage with potential customers when they enter a location, by drawing a digital “fence” around it. They can then retarget them through mobile advertising wherever they go, with the aim of boosting physical conversions in store.

Now that’s a lot more value than simple digital advertising.

Offering the opportunity to get to market quickly and always engage

If you can give your advertisers increased efficiency and cost-effectiveness, that’s a sure fire way to keep them on your books. Through the Localstars Ad Builder, your advertisers’ will have beautiful, feature-rich, multi-shape digital ads created in minutes. Using the ad builder is likely to cut the usual creative production costs by 60%. That’s a cheap and efficient route to market.

But that’s not the end. Your advertisers will want to engage with their audience in the best possible way. Quickly and easily.

The key to doing so will be the ability to serve customers with changing creative at different moments of the day, according to the day of the week and even in line with the weather. You can do that through dynamic advertising.

And for those advertisers with ever-changing product inventories, you can provide them with a simple way to update their ads in real-time when anything changes. Feed Ads tick that box. Just think how this could revolutionise how a jewellery brand showcases its products on Valentine’s Day.

Your opportunity as a media owner

Each of these capabilities can make up your online offering to your advertisers. By offering enhanced functionality, you’re giving your clients the best opportunity to get the most from their digital advertising, as well as ensuring you can grow your own ad revenue in the process.

It’s time to arm your sales team with the tools to do what they do best.

Through the Localstars Sales Automation Engine  your sales process will be faster, easier and smarter. You have the opportunity to engage with key decision makers at a time when they are engaged and at their hottest. Your sales team will target the right deals at the opportune moment and smash those sales targets. With a little automation and a touch of AI, you can hit those increasing sales projections even with a reduced headcount in the sales team.

Continuing the revenue cycle with your advertisers this Valentine's Day

Continuing the cycle

So, you can enhance your offering, and cater to all your clients’ needs. This should boost your revenue.  You can showcase it to them in the best possible way, turning those leads into all-important sales.

But how do you advance the cycle and ensure they continue to spend their budgets with you?

You give them the insights and knowledge to do it better next time. Advanced Insights Reporting helps your advertisers to understand the key metrics around their audience and how best to engage with them, giving them the tools to shape more tailored campaigns and creative to drive even better results.

That’s some added value.

Yes it can seem daunting at first, but always remember the word opportunity. With online advertising on the up and more traditional channels faltering, there’s never been a more important time to get your offering up to scratch. And by giving your advertisers the love and attention they need, you’ll become the partner they turn to. That goes for Valentine’s Day and beyond.


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