Top 5 ways for media owners to enhance efficiency

August 5, 2019, written by margarita
Localstars share the top 5 ways for media owners to enhance efficiency

Media owners need to provide advertisers with a product that drives performance on digital media campaigns and offers long-term value to their businesses. 

Being able to implement the best advertising solutions on the market is essential. But to keep your business running as it should, it’s vital that all your teams, from sales, creative and operations are as productive and efficient as possible when doing so.


Are you wasting time, energy and money with creative production? 

Are your creative teams spending all their time building ads for your advertisers’ digital display campaigns? Is their time spent tweaking and re-sizing ads? Could repetition be killing their creative skills? 

If you have a number of digital brands and publications under your umbrella, this can amount to thousands of digital display campaigns every single month. Boosting efficiencies is therefore essential.

  • Outsource your ad production

Simply by outsourcing the ad creation for the time-consuming smaller projects to Localstars you can efficiently scale and automate digital advertising. Through the Ad Builder, the smaller campaigns will be facilitated through the creation of high-quality, beautiful HTML5 ads across multiple shapes and sizes. 

Crucially this reduces the reliance on your internal production team ensuring they can concentrate on bigger more bespoke projects. We’ve previously seen this boost efficiency by 500%


Is your sales team meeting their quota? 

An efficient sales team is critical for boosting sales and driving revenue for the business. This is especially important when you’re battling the need to reduce the headcount in your team, while still achieving ambitious sales targets. 

If your sales team isn’t meeting their quota, the obvious conclusion to make is that they’re not working as hard as they could be. They’re not chasing down leads and identifying the right prospects. Are they even good salespeople? 

The problems might not lie with the individuals in the team, however. It could be a department-wide issue in that your sales team isn’t set up properly to be the most efficient that it can be. 

Here are some essential ways you can boost the efficiency of your sales team. 

Engage with hot leads 

Hot leads are what it’s all about. It’s no surprise to learn that 22% of salespeople say qualifying leads is their most challenging aspect of their job. Whilst many great salespeople down the years have followed their gut and acted on hunches, an efficient sales team will base all these decisions on data and the metrics that matter. 

Through the Localstars sales automation engine, your team will know which prospects have engaged with your proposal and how many times. You will immediately have a hierarchy of engaged prospects based on a variety of metrics and sales intelligence, enabling you to identify those which have the highest chance of converting. Your team can focus all their efforts on the hottest leads. 

Sell Creatively  

For many salespeople, technology has made their job harder. With so many tools to choose from and so many options, it’s confusing things. They may know that the tech exists and that they should be using it, but they don’t know how to get the best out of it. 

The best ad technology should be simple and easy to use. Importantly, it must benefit your team. 

By providing your prospects with an example of one of their ads running live on one of your publications, you immediately ensure that they can visualise exactly what they’re getting from you. Gone are the days of long meetings and presentations without the certainty of whether your prospects understood everything. Through these creative selling techniques, we’re seeing sales teams realise 20-45% conversion rates on their digital sales campaigns. 

Engage with prospects at the right time 

Remember the days of picking up the phone and hoping it was a good time, or sending an email with a read receipt just to check that your prospect is engaged? 

Say goodbye to these inefficient tactics. 

Enabling your prospects to view their campaign is just the first step. Your sales agent will also be notified as soon as your prospect views the ad. A prospect can even notify them when they’re ready to talk. Now those are the buying signals an efficient sales team needs. 


Are your workflows as efficient as they can be? 

How quickly are you flighting ads and getting campaigns live once they’re signed off by your advertisers? 

Your clients will want to move quickly and will look to you to provide an agile solution. 

Immediately flight ads once signed off 

Once your client is engaged, you can quickly and easily tweak the creative in real-time, dramatically reducing your sign off time. It also means your creative team won’t need to be involved and dedicate resources to making client amends. 

After sign off, your client won’t then need to pay for expensive ad creative, as their ads will already be built and ready to go live on your publications. 

Crucially, the Localstars platform allows for bespoke integrations, such as integrating the ad builder with an ad server or streamlining the process from ad creation to sales. This ensures your operations team is super-efficient and won’t have to spend their time with manual tasks, driving down your ad operation costs. 

If you’re looking to maximise current digital revenue or explore new tactics of digital revenue growth then book a demo with us today to find out more.