How to make striking St Patrick’s Day ads to boost sales

March 13, 2017, written by Kavita Kovvali

Friday 17th March, better known as St. Patrick’s Day, is important to millions of people all around the world. Whether it be for religious reasons, a chance to spend time with the family or to party Irish-style, it’s a huge event and is celebrated in more countries than any other national festival.

Here are some very interesting facts about St Patrick’s Day:

-This year, it’s predicted that Americans will spend more on St Patrick’s Day than ever before with the total spending expected to reach $5.3 billion.

-The world’s first St Patrick’s Day parade occurred on 17th March 1762 in New York City.

-In Chicago, five hours of time and forty pounds of dye is poured into the river, turning it a stunning green to celebrate St Patrick’s Day.

-Unsurprisingly, Guinness sales sky-rocket. Recent figures show that every day, 5.5 million pints are consumed worldwide with that number doubling on St Patrick’s Day.

-According to the NRF’s 2017 survey, 82.5% of respondents say that they will celebrate St Patrick’s Day by wearing something green.

What does this mean for ads?

An abundance of Green, unavoidable and necessarily green. With this in mind, competitor ads and many more across the ad landscape will be smothered in green, our tip is to use interesting colours and messaging to make your ads really stand out.

St Paddy's Day Party
If you’re going to use green, combine it with other bold colours to make the ad pop.
Irish Castles
Stay true to your brand and imagery. St Patrick’s Day is a great opportunity for many industries but you don’t need to break away from your style.
Visit Ireland Ad
You don’t have to use green. Focus on what colours work best for your imagery and use the message to grab the viewer’s attention.
St Paddy's Day Cakes
If you want to stick to your branding but embrace a bit of green, highlight certain words or play with the imagery a little. You don’t need to go all-green to have effective St Patrick’s Day ads.
Irish Lottery Ad
If you’re going to go all-green, then highlight the text and play with messaging using interesting fonts, bold, italics and alignment.
St Patricks day Beer
Nothing makes an ad more appealing than the imagery. Go for something fun and colourful to match the mood of your audience.

We’d like to wish everyone a very Happy St Patrick’s Day and as you know, all of these ads were made using our award-winning ad platform. If you want to make great ads quickly and easily or need some advice on your digital advertising processes, get in touch with our team.