New ad templates ready for you

August 10, 2016, written by Kavita Kovvali

Yes, really, new ad templates again! Brand new HTML5 ad templates ready for you to use. Our library is getting bigger and better and we have three more beautiful templates for our clients. This time, the focus has been on increasing options. We’ve put in more text, image and colour options so you can customise every detail in this template to suit your campaign. We’ve released lots of new HTML5 templates recently and you can find out more and read the tips about how to use all of them in our Hub.

Let’s take a look at the new HTML5 templates!

Template 1: Home Alone

Ideal for simple and impactful messaging

Template 1: Home Alone

Take a seat and see how easy it is to use our html5 banner maker

Example: Baking Blog

Cook up a storm with the ad building potential of the Localstars solution

Example: Bank

Our html5 banners are perfect for any business in any sector

This is a visually striking template with two logo spaces, two text-boxes, one call-to-action button and a large fixed background image. You can change all the colours in this template so you can really mix things up as much as you want for the advertiser. Make sure that all the colours you select match the brand as too many colours would detract from their style and viewers won’t immediately identify with it, leading to fewer click-throughs. When selecting the large background image, keep in mind that the text boxes and semi-transparent box will appear on top. Pick an image which doesn’t have a focus point which would land behind the text boxes and has details all the way to the edge.  

Template: Minority Report

Ideal for a balance between images and messaging

Template 2: Minority Report

Calculate the amount of time you will save with the Localstars ad building platform

Example: Flamenco festival  

Spend more time dancing with the speed our HTML 5 ad platform.

Example 3: Zoo

Explore the infinite possibilities of Localstars' HTML 5 banner ads

This is one of our more stylistic templates as the boxes have diagonal cuts rather than standard rectangular shapes. There are four text boxes providing enough flexibility for any messaging you want. The overall combination of image and text shapes with the colour options will result in eye-catching ads. This is perfect for strong, short messages. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different shades of colour as it will really make all the sections pop. 

Template: Election

Ideal for lots of information

Template 3: Election

Engage your audience with our Election template New ad template New ad templates

Example: Watches

Watch your self save time with the Localstars platform.

Example: Art gallery

Become an artist with the Localstars ad building platform

This is a strong and informative ad layout with a total of four text spaces, one call-to-action box, one image and two logo spaces. The header and footer text boxes are fixed across both transitions so use these for messaging that you really want to stay in the viewer’s mind. The vertical image space is perfect for feature portraits or standalone products. This ad layout is really flexible and great for any type of campaign. Use the space effectively, as too much text will make the unattractive, so enter all the most important details and use the font options to emphasise your messaging.

All these ads were made using our ad platform, if you are a user, login and start creating your own stunning ads right away. If you’re not a platform user but would like your own ads to look this great, get in touch with our Consultants or try for yourself with our 14 day trial!

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