Offer even more value to advertisers with multi-click ads

April 20, 2017, written by Kavita Kovvali

Digital advertising is one of the most dynamic fields in the world and display advertising is the fastest growing component in this tremendously competitive landscape. IAB reported last year that display advertising revenues “grew at more than twice the overall digital rate (27.5%) to hit £1.31 billion – 33% of total digital ad spend“. This is a channel that many advertisers are investing in and they are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to showcase their products to their audiences. Advertisers also look to media owners to provide them with new and innovative solutions. With that in mind, we have listened to our clients’ requests are excited to offer a new feature, multi-click ads.

We have multi-click options available for all our ad templates which allow enabled users to add in multiple landing page options. Users can select whether they want to use all the landing page options or just one or even a combination. The multi-click templates create a new set of upselling opportunities for your teams and allow your advertisers to benefit from increased engagement, fewer steps to purchase and new ways to lead different viewers to selected pages.

We know that different people have different purchase paths, some are familiar with a brand, others need quality reassurance and others are more interested in a special offer. Using multi-click, you can make ads that cater for all these scenarios; one landing page can be for the specific product advertised, one for the brand homepage, one to a reviews page and the other to a social media page. By allowing multiple click-through locations, the viewers can progress through the purchase journey in the way that suits them.

The number of landing page options depends on the template you are working with. If you select a template that has no transitions, two text boxes, one image, one logo space and one call to action, then there will be a total of five click-through opportunities.

Template: Groundhog Day.

Localstars multiclick single transition example

If you select a template which has multiple transitions with several images and text options, you can select to use an array of links.

Template: Tulip Fever

Localstars multiclick example

The possibilities are endless and the flexibility of the ad platform means that you can easily create the perfect ad for your advertiser. The multi-click option can be enabled for our clients at Account level, please get in touch with your Account Manager to find out more.

If you are not an existing client but would like to find out more about how our award-winning ad platform can help your team, get in touch or register for a free weekly webinar for a guided tour of our ad builder.