Are you ready for Mother’s Day, one of the key retail events of the year?

February 15, 2017, written by Kavita Kovvali

Mother’s Day; a day to show mums everywhere some appreciation for everything they do for us with thoughtful gifts and experiences. And a huge day for retail spend. It’s not just mums getting gifts on this day but generous consumers are making purchases for wives, daughters, sisters and grandmothers as well. It’s become a day to appreciate all the women in our lives. We’ve been doing some research and worldwide (even though Mother’s Day falls on different dates around the world) one thing is clear, this is one of the most important retail events for companies.

Here are some of the interesting spend stats we’ve found which show how impactful and worthwhile Mother’s Day is for advertisers

1. The National Retail Federation’s survey showed that in 2016 Americans spent a total of $21.4bn on Mother’s Day.

2. Statista reports that jewellery is the number one gift for US consumers with this category seeing a $4.2bn spend in 2016.

3. RepricerExpress states that each Brazilian spends on average of £112 on Mother’s Day.

4. Capterra’s research shows that Mother’s Day is the number one event for floral sales.

5. The Shelf’s infographic shows that online shoppers spend a whopping 38% more on their Mother’s Day gifts than offline shoppers.

What does this show? If the advertiser has products or services that are suitable for Mother’s Day, then it’s imperative to think about how they can best showcase and drive consumers to their sites and stores to grab a slice of the action. They have to focus on their cross-device digital advertising to attract mobile users. If you don’t include mobile ads in your plans then your advertiser will be missing out on potential opportunities as increasingly, buyers research and purchase products on the go. If you don’t invest enough on the creative, users will quickly dismiss your ad and move onto the next one as buyers associate poor advertising with poor quality of products.

We can help. Take a look at these Mother’s Day ads that were all built using our ad platform for inspiration. The system takes away the pains of creating multiple shapes, hoping that they all display properly with all browsers and how to structure your ad to include all the content elements.

example digital ad mother's day sweets gift
example digital ad mother's day breakfast
example digital ad mother's day afternoon tea
example digital ad mother's day afternoon tea
example digital ad mother's day flowers
example digital ad mother's day jewellery

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