Leading UK Publisher increases efficiency by 500%

April 2, 2019, written by margarita

The Client

As one of the largest publishers in the UK, the client has over 70 digital brands and publications under their umbrella. In 2018, they ran over 3500 digital display campaigns every month, hosting approximately 45 million impressions per month across their suite of websites.

Publisher Increases efficiency by 500%

The Challenge

Small-scale generic campaigns were required to be activated across all publications quickly while still maintaining quality.

Internal production teams were focused on large bespoke projects and didn’t have the capacity to work on the smaller time-consuming campaigns. A solution was required for quality ad production, adhering to strict turnaround times, with the capability to up-scale if and when demand required.


The Solution

The client discovered Localstars, the platform that powers media owners to efficiently scale and automate digital advertising from lead to revenue. Localstars quickly facilitated the creation of high-quality, beautiful HTML5 ads across multiple shapes and sizes, reducing the reliance on the internal production team. They were given more time to concentrate on bespoke projects, with less touchpoints.


The Result

By simply outsourcing ad production to Localstars, the client was able to increase efficiency by 500% and reduce the headcount required within the team from 66 to 11.

The Localstars platform provided a scalable solution for ad production across the client’s portfolio of websites. Their internal team was instantly more productive, with all processes streamlined. Sales teams were also able to use the Localstars Sales Automation Engine to create ads for their prospects and engage with them when they were at their hottest and in the most opportune moment to close. Deals were closed, and sales were increased, with less resource required.