Leading Advertising Technology Provider, Localstars, Launches New Offering to Power Digital Advertising for Media Owners

March 1, 2019, written by margarita

Localstars is delighted to announce the launch of their new Enterprise Creative Management Platform for media owners.

Previously publishers could tap into the unique technology from Localstars to efficiently build and deliver beautiful, feature-rich HTML5 ads. The platform has now evolved to power digital advertising for media owners, providing the power to scale and automate digital advertising from lead to revenue.

Through the enhanced functionality of the platform media owners are able to:

* offer advertisers the opportunity to connect with their specific audience through pioneering technology

* extend their available ad space to websites outside their portfolio of publications

* offer the chance for advertisers to target users based on their location or when they enter a defined area

* provide advertisers with detailed performance metrics to help them understand who their audience is and how to enhance their future digital advertising campaigns

Localstars help Power Digital Advertising for Media Owners

The new features and available market-leading technology include Feed Ads, Dynamic Ads, Geo targeting, Geo fencing, Re-targeting and Advanced Insights Reporting.

Crucially, media owners can tap into the capabilities of the platform to power their own sales process and efficiently drive inbound calls with engaged prospects, as well as to improve sales conversions and upsell.

Through the Localstars Sales Automation Engine, media owners have access to creative selling techniques to bring their proposition to life for their advertisers. The engine shortens the time required to sell, produce and traffic campaigns maximising client retention and increasing revenues.

George Dann, CEO of Localstars said: “We have long understood the challenges faced by media owners in the changing media landscape. With YoY revenue targets continuing to rise at the same time as the size of sales teams diminishing, sales processes need to be efficient, cost-effective and provide the best possible chance to engage with key decision makers when they’re ready to convert. Through the functionality of our platform, media owners now have the solutions to these challenges.”

“With online advertising continuing to be the preferred choice for many advertisers over traditional channels, because detailed reporting ensures the ROI, there’s never been a more important time for media owners to stand out and provide their clients with market-leading solutions for their online digital advertising offering. Our Lead to Revenue platform ensures ad efficiency and gives a quick route to market, while the enhanced features of the platform ensure that they can connect with audiences that really matter to their clients.”

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