Get creative with our latest HTML5 Ad templates

June 21, 2016, written by Kavita Kovvali


Our team of designers have been working on a brand new set of ad templates. We’ve researched the latest animation trends, logo positioning and text amounts and launched three new templates that everyone can use. All our HTML5 templates are easy to customise to suit your products and messaging and there’s a lot of room for creativity. Whether your client is a florist, bank or vet, it’s easy to use these templates to suit your campaign. In this article, we’ll take a look at the new templates and show some ideas of ads that can be made with them.

Template 1: A Matter of Loaf and Death

Ideal for telling a brand story

This template has four slide transitions with a permanent logo, contact footer. There’s space for four images in total and two slides with messaging. Use this template if you want your ad to tell a story and you have some great visuals, there’s enough space to convey exactly what you want.

Template 2: Kill Bill

Ideal for transmitting a strong lead message

This is a three slide transition with a fixed first text box and a large logo spot at the top. Use this template if you have good portrait images to put in and want a strong heading that stays with the viewer.

Template 3: Memento

Ideal for a strong single proposition with multiple supporting messages

This template has a three slide transition with a strong message box with a prominent logo position at the top of the screen. This makes viewers associate the headline with your logo and brand immediately. The text fields drop-down on a dark filter so the messaging will stand out without obscuring any of the imagery. Make sure you have strong landscape images to use with this one.

These HTML5 templates and many more are available for all our clients. If you’re a platform user, simply login and see what you can create. If you’d like to learn more about our ad platform to assess how this can help your teams, contact us today to speak to our Consultants.