Create beautiful ads with our new templates

July 12, 2016, written by Kavita Kovvali

We’re expanding our HTML5 library so you can create beautiful ads. We have four stunning new templates ready for you to use. Take a look at the styles and benefits below and remember, all our HTML5 templates are easy to customise and can be used to perfectly suit your brief. Our designers are always researching and creating beautiful new templates so that you can constantly and consistently create industry-leading ads. We released three new templates a few weeks ago, A Matter of Loaf and Death,  Kill Bill and Memento, which received great feedback from our users, if you need a refresher about how best to use them for your ads, take a look here.

Template 1: Grease

Ideal for balancing strong visuals and messages while keeping a logo across all transitions

Sometimes you don’t want to choose between the image or text and want them both to continuously appear and have the same level of focus. This template is perfect for those advertisers who want it all and want their logo displayed across both transitions. This is a great way of associating a particular image with the brand and it will stay front-of-mind with anyone who sees it.

Example 1: Hairdresser

Example 2: Deli

Template 2: One Crazy Summer

Ideal for your rich media ads you want to update

This template is a HTML5 update of a client favourite Rich Media template. It’s a great template to showcase sales or events as it has background image and prominent text boxes. There are 5 transitions, starting with a full ad image and then layering a text box on top and finishing with  a full frame logo takeover. There are a total of 4 text fields and 2 full frame images. Use this template when the messaging is what matters the most.

Example 1: Candy store

Example 2: Office lettings 

Template 3: Groundhog Day

Ideal for ads with one set of imagery

This is a 1 slide static template which means that there are no transitions or animations. You should use this template when you have content for one screen and a short call-to-action. You can use this template most effectively with contrast colours, engage the audience with complementary text boxes and simple messaging.

Example 1: Wedding jewellery

Example 2: Art therapy

Template 4: Inception

Ideal for several key messages

Inception-template-web Create beautiful ads

This template is very eye catching and you can add in several different elements that will keep the viewer engaged for the full transition.  It starts with a two column split for images and then then a curtain animation reveals your text and call-to-action. There are three scrolling text fields, two main message fields and two image sections. If you’re making ads of very different sizes, make sure you check that the images are cropped to suit the ads.

Example 1: Patisserie

Example 2: Gardening shop

All of these templates are live in our library right now and ready for you to use. If you’re a platform user, login and start creating beautiful ads. Our designers are busy creating more so stay tuned for our next update very soon. If you’re not a platform user but would like to start making your own stunning ads, get in touch with our team!