Key factors media owners need to consider for Ad-tech

March 22, 2019, written by margarita

Technology is changing the game for media owners. With advances in martech and ad-tech continuing apace, it’s even changing what it means to be a media owner.

The upshot of this is the ongoing challenge of facing off against new competitors all vying to claim advertisers’ budgets with their advertising solutions. For advertisers themselves, they face the challenge of their budget being squeezed in so many directions and the confusion of understanding exactly what the best solution is in line with their business needs.

Technology may be revolutionising the industry, but the key objective for advertisers still remains. And will always remain. They want performance for their campaigns, and they want bang for their buck. Ad-tech that helps you to give them exactly that is where the real game changing occurs.

When choosing an ad-tech platform, consider how you can:

1. Solve specific business problems for your advertisers

Your advertisers don’t want to be sold a list of things that you can do. They want you to illustrate an understanding of their business needs and to provide solutions to their problems.

They may need to engage with a targeted local audience and only that audience. Their ever-changing inventory and how to keep their advertising up-to-date may have been holding them back previously. The cost of expensive ad creative and long lead time for trafficking campaigns may have put them off in the past.

Give them a tailored offering for their individual needs, KPIs and business goals and you can begin to boost their potential spend with you, increasing your revenues in the process.

2. Enhance your own offering

Your chosen ad-tech platform should always enhance your own offering. If you give your clients more solutions and options, it increases the chance of locking them into the spend cycle with you.

Does the platform enable you to increase your available ad space to websites outside of your portfolio? Can you boost your offering by providing a quick and easy solution to build their ads? Will you now give them access to the latest technology that can revolutionise their digital display campaigns?

That’s how you can boost your suite of products, but you also need the capability for your team to deliver them seamlessly. A platform that enhances your workflows and boosts the productivity of your different departments will truly enhance your offering.

3. Engage with your advertisers

Catering to the needs of your advertisers is half of the battle. To challenge in the current market, you need to up your sales game too. And you’ll no doubt be chasing those increasing YoY targets, with less headcount in the team.

A crucial requirement of your chosen ad-tech platform is the ability to rejuvenate your sales process. Automation and machine learning are essential. The first will cut down unnecessary admin for your team, giving them the opportunity to focus all their efforts on selling, while the latter will help you recommend the best possible packages and products to your prospects based on real data and insight. Combining this with creative selling techniques and the metrics to know which prospects are the hottest and the best possible time to engage with them, will streamline your sales process and help you smash your sales targets.

Your sales team will be doing less with more.

4. Add extra value for your advertisers

Your advertisers no longer view their marketing channels in silos, they’re looking at the whole digital marketing mix and will want to work with media owners that can provide added value that impacts their digital marketing strategy.

Key to this is the ability to provide them with detailed reporting and metrics on not only the performance of their campaigns, but also that enable them to better understand their customers. With more knowledge and insight on their end users, all of their digital marketing channels and strategy will become more tailored and focused on the needs of that audience. A platform that provides this insight to your advertisers can be powerful for the future of their business.

5. Promise agility and flexibility

Provide your advertisers with a cumbersome solution that can’t be integrated with their existing systems and you’ll lose them. Offer them the flexibility to integrate with their eCommerce platform and cater to their cross-channel needs and you’ll pique their interest. Crucially, their operation and advertising needs will change over time. It’s therefore vital that your ad-tech solution has the agility to evolve alongside their changing requirements.

And by choosing a partner or solution that is continuously evolving in line with the latest cutting edge technologies, will give you the peace of mind to know that your offering has the capability to change in line with the needs of your advertisers, ensuring it continues to be competitive.

6. Make the complex simple

AdTech enables you to do complex things, giving your advertisers the opportunity to engage with their audience in new and innovative ways.

However, the best technology and partners enable this to be done simply, with a straightforward and intuitive process. If your provider makes this too onerous on your employees and teams it simply won’t for you or your advertisers in the long run. The best providers and solutions make complicated things simple through the likes of automation and use of AI.

Catering to the needs of your business is essential in a competitive environment. Giving your advertisers high performing campaigns, bang for their buck and ease of use is vital. An ad-tech provider that offers both will become a key partner for the future success of your business.

If you’re looking to enhance your operation and provide your advertisers with answers to their digital marketing needs, then contact us today to find out more. We’ll show you exactly how you can maximise your current digital revenue and explore new tactics for growth.