John Robinson appointed Managing Director, Localstars

January 1, 2019, written by margarita

Leading advertising technology provider Localstars is delighted to announce the appointment of John Robinson as Managing Director

John has 25 years’ experience working in the tech industry with roles as a Solutions Architect, Business Strategy Consultant, Board Director and Business Development Director. Most recently he headed up the Futures Contracts Programme as a Solutions Architect for the Scottish Government.

Prior to that he held similar roles with FirstCall Home Assist and CPW Leasing and was CRM Director at Organised Feedback.

He has responsibility for leading and developing the Localstars offering to continue to provide innovative and efficient solutions for media owners to enhance their digital display advertising revenues.

John Robinson appointed Managing Director at Localstars

The Localstars platforms enables media owners to efficiently scale and automate their digital advertising from lead to revenue.

Through a mix of sales automation, AI, audience extension, integrations and the capability of the Ad Builder, media owners have the ability to automate and streamline their ad-booking and sales processes while providing their clients with market-leading digital display solutions.

George Dann, CEO of Localstars said: “We are delighted to promote John to Managing Director for Localstars. Through his vast previous experiences as a Solutions Architect, Business Development Director and Board Director we know we’ve got someone with the strategic thinking, vision and boundless energy to shape and drive our ambitious growth plans and continue to develop Localstars advertising technology for thought leading customers around the world.”

John added: “Localstars are changing the landscape when it comes to how media owners run digital display advertising. The knowledge and expertise that exists within the Localstars business as a legacy ensures that innovative products continue to be created to enhance the effectiveness and performance of display. I feel privileged to be part of a business developing tailored solutions for media owners in the ever-changing landscape. I look forward to growing the Localstars offering to serve Media owners better now and long into the future.”