We are proud to announce three new HTML5 ad templates

April 13, 2017, written by Rob Prague

Our ever growing library of HTML5 ad templates has three new additions with more customisable text fields, colour options and image possibilities than ever before. These templates were made with customer feedback in mind so we are sure you will find a template that suits your campaign. For more information on our previous templates and best practise tips about how to use them, have a look in the Hub.

Tin Men template:

oooo tin men

Example 1: Aviation Industry

Localstars' Tin Men template can be adapted for any situation.

Example 2: Theme Park

Right size water park

More editable fields was top of the list of requests and Tin Men does not disappoint. The three wide image fields are ideal for highlighting aspects of large images, making it crystal-clear to the viewer what is on offer and also one of the only templates that can showcase very wide landscape or panoramic images. Four rolling text fields are ideal for promotional offers or specifically referencing the corresponding rolling image. Finally, with three colour fields to choose from, this template is sure to stand out.

Broken Flowers template:

Broken Flower Original

Example 1: Sport Industry

run gear

Example 2: Car Industry


At the top of the Broken Flowers template, there is room for a very large logo. The two large image slots are directly side by side with no border between them. These connected images can be used to demonstrate direct comparisons, similar products or subtle changes like weather or time of day. There are two rolling text fields at the bottom of the template and a large call to action button. Broken Flowers also has three colour options.

On any Sunday template:

On any sunday original HTML5 ad templates

On Any Sunday has three huge image slots, allowing advertisers to display three products or services at once. The template’s layout will optimize to the chosen shape, resulting in the images either appearing one at a time or in one go. There is an animated call to action box with a growing gradient to keep the text fields clear for the viewer.

Example 1: Gardening Industry

on any sunday - garden centre

Example 2: Bakery Industry

On any sunday blog cupcakes

These ads were all made using our ad platform. If you are an existing user, login and get building. Our library is constantly growing so we will keep you updated with new releases.

If you have a very specific template in mind that you don’t see in our library, get in touch with our client success team to discuss your specific needs or what you’d like to see in future templates.

Or if you prefer, we can even make ads for you, talk to us about our managed service and we’ll take care of everything for you.