How to tailor your offering to meet the needs of your advertisers

May 17, 2019, written by margarita

What pressures are your advertisers facing? What’s keeping them awake at night? Chief among their worries, will be the need to squeeze as much value as possible from their advertising budget. So how do you address the needs of your advertisers?

Advertiser’s campaigns need to perform to higher yield and with a lower spend. It’s essential to secure an advantage over their competitors, but without blowing their budget. If media owners can provide them with this and tailor their services to meet their individual needs, it’s a win, win from both sides. Here’s how you can lock advertisers into their spend cycle with you through a tailored approach.


Don’t just focus on you

Yes you might have a long standing relationship with an advertiser, but given the changing media landscape and the competition between media owners, they won’t stay simply out of loyalty. That means you need to diversify and not just focus on your own suite of publications.

Localstars Tip for Success #1

The Localstars Platform gives you the opportunity to increase your available ad space to hundreds of websites outside your portfolio of publications. This enables your advertisers to get their message out there and crucially consolidate their ad spend with you.


Help them trim their budgets

For many advertisers, the cost of expensive ad creative may put them off digital display advertising. This is especially the case when an ever-changing product inventory necessitates multiple ads with subtle changes to deals and offers.

The question for you, is how you can help them cut this expense and provide a cost-effective solution for their digital advertising?

Localstars Tips for Success #2

By providing your advertisers with access to the Localstars Ad Builder, they have the opportunity to build feature rich, multi-shape HTML5 ads in minutes. That’s a quick and easy solution to build and flight their digital display ads.

And the best part?

Using the Ad Builder is likely to cut the usual creative production costs by 60%. That’s a money saving solution for your advertisers too.


Tailoring your offering

So, now you can help save your advertisers money and you can extend the reach of their campaigns, but how do you offer them something that’s really tailored to their needs?

The first stage is to get to know their requirements, objectives and campaign KPIs. Then you’ll be in a position to offer them a solution that’s never out the box and is always bespoke to them.

Here’s a few examples to assist.


Learning more about their audience

They need the data to define who their audience is. They want to know the customer demographics that convert and those that are of the highest value to their business.

Localstars Tips for Success #3

Through our Advanced Insights Reporting, you can provide your advertisers with the performance data that really matters. Forget run of the mill metrics, now they can drill down into their demographics and feed this back into their overall marketing activities.

We enable your advertisers to report on the following:

  • Age
  • Income
  • Interests
  • Gender
  • Demographic
  • Marital Status
  • Device Type
  • Time Breakdown
  • Keyword Breakdown

Dealing with an ever-changing inventory

In certain industries, including automotive and travel, things can happen quickly. Products can sell out, offers can change and deals can be updated. And crucially, this occurs over a vast inventory of multiple products. It can be too much to keep track of.

If your advertiser faces these problems they may not want to invest in digital display as keeping up with the changes will be time consuming, costly and impossible to manage in real time.

Localstars Tips for Success #4

Provide them with a solution by tapping into the capabilities of feed ads through Localstars. Feed ads connect directly to their data feed with their ads changing automatically in real time. Once the feed is set up, everything will be run by automation with the ads updating as soon as a product sells out or a deal changes.

Feed ads will save them money, enhance their efficiencies and will always provide their audience with relevant and up-to-date ads. The more relevant the ad, the better the performance.

Engaging with multiple audiences in different languages

Advertising across multiple territories can be challenging at the best of times, so how do you provide your advertiser with an easy solution to engage with users in varying languages? And importantly the right language for that specific user?  

Localstars Tip for Success #4

Through dynamic advertising with Localstars, your advertisers will have the ability to show different messages to users based on external data such as time of the day, the weather and a user’s search history.

Importantly, this can also be done based on the language of the person viewing the ad.

A desire for more from their ad templates

Simply providing one landing page to click through to site won’t suffice for your advertiser. They want to include links to their reviews as well as social media accounts for example. Flexibility and a bespoke solution is essential.

Localstars Tip for Success #5

The Localstars Ad Builder enables your advertisers to build multi-click ads with the flexibility to click through to multiple URLs onsite. These could include:

  • The brand homepage
  • A reviews page
  • Social media page
  • A specific product or deal

They can define the URLs based on their individual needs and the objectives of the campaign.

With online advertising on the up and more traditional channels faltering, there’s never been a more important time to get your digital offering up to scratch. And by giving your advertisers the flexibility they need you’ll put your business in the best place to lock them into the spend cycle with you.

Contact us today to learn more about the Localstars offering to give you and your advertisers a competitive edge.