How to improve your sales process and stop losing leads

October 2, 2019, written by margarita

Is there anything more frustrating than chasing dead leads?

How to improve your sales process and stop losing leads

Your sales team will likely have spent far too much time presenting and chasing up with the view that they’re going to get this one over the line, only for it to simply go cold.

That’s too much time wasted and not enough cash coming in. That becomes even more problematic considering the increased revenue targets and reduced headcount many media owners are dealing with.

So, what’s the root of the problem? Poor sales techniques from an individual? More likely, it’s a poor sales process that struggles to identify the leads that should be pursued and the ones to be left.

Here are four ways you can immediately improve your sales process and instantly enhance your sales figures. 

1. Create the best possible opportunity with your prospects 

Good selling is all about giving your sales team the best opportunity to close. Prospects that are confused by what you’re selling or don’t have the full picture will be much harder to sell to than those enjoying all-important clarity. 

This is where issues can arise if you’re relying on your salespeople simply describing your proposition. 

Advertisers want to see what their digital display campaigns will look like when live on one of your sites. They don’t want to have to visualise how their brand will be showcased in their ads. They want to see it. If you employ the right creative selling techniques and illustrate exactly how their ads will look, you make it much easier for them to sign off on their campaigns with you. 

Creative selling is high-performing selling. 


2. Understand how engaged your prospects are

Being able to sell creatively is great, but it won’t work if you’re still chasing those leads that have no real desire to become a customer. If you do that, you’ll still be wasting valuable time and losing money. 

It’s crucial to identify leads that are the most engaged and therefore have the highest chance of converting. And using simple metrics to do so. 

Through the Localstars Sales Automation Engine (SAE), you can employ creative selling techniques providing that all-important visualisation for your leads, but you’ll also be tracking the metrics that matter to understand how engaged each target is. Specifically you’ll know how many times the proposed ad has been viewed by your prospect and for how long, ensuring you have the ability to rank your prospects on engagement and target those with the best chance of converting. 


3. Know when to engage with your prospects 

A call at the wrong time can put off even the hottest of leads. Pushing too hard can also be counterproductive to closing deals. 

A high-performing sales process will see your sales team engaging with prospects at the most opportune moment and being hands off the rest of the time. Through the Localstars SAE, your salespeople will know exactly when a prospect is viewing their ad, and potential customers even have the opportunity to request a call back. 

Knowing when is the right time to have a conversation with potential clients means more of a chance in closing the deal, less time wasted, and more time spent selling. That’s high-performance and efficiency, two integral requirements for media owners in the current climate. 


4.Automate as much as possible 

You simply can’t afford for your team to waste time. The last thing anyone in your team wants to do is manually gather information and data that is likely to continually change. 

That’s the epitome of a poor sales process. 

Not only does the SAE promise creative selling techniques and the ability to target the best possible leads at the right time, the whole process is automated. Cutting out unnecessary admin means that your salespeople can focus on what they do best (and enjoy). Closing deals and signing up new customers. 

Remember, in sales and the current competitive media landscape: 

“One of the fastest and best ways to separate yourself from the masses is to establish yourself as someone who makes situations better, not worse.”

By simplifying and improving your sales process, you’ll make the situation for your team and targets much better. 

To understand how Localstars can improve the performance and efficiency of your sales team, get in touch with us today to request a demo.