How to help your advertisers get the most out of the retail calendar in Q3

June 19, 2019, written by margarita

Are you already engaging with your advertisers in the retail space for their campaigns in Q3?

Between July and September, retailers will likely be focused on key dates in the calendar including Independence Day in the US, Wimbledon, the August Bank Holiday in the UK, Key Dance & Music Festivals and of course ‘Back to School’.

Localstars shows how to help your advertisers get the most out of the retail calendar in Q3

The role of a media owner at this busy time is to keep everything as straightforward and efficient as possible for your advertisers. It’s also key to increase the performance of your advertiser’s campaigns, to provide them with a competitive edge and lock them into the spend cycle with you, for this quarter and beyond.  

Simplify the process

The retail calendar in Q3 is diverse, with multiple events happening throughout the course of the three months. Each event will have its own unique hook for your advertisers, meaning they’ll need to create and flight multiple campaigns in quick succession.

By creating a simplified, cost effective and efficient solution to build and flight ads, you’ll be an attractive proposition for your advertisers. The Localstars ad builder, means your clients will have beautiful, feature rich, multi-shape HTML5 ads created in minutes. Crucially, this is likely to cut their usual creative production costs by 60%.

Keep everything running efficiently

With multiple campaigns running in quick succession it’s essential that an efficient solution is implemented that ensures every single ad is always up-to-date. With a big product inventory that’s constantly changing, products selling out, new deals updating, or offers changing frequently, it can be very challenging.

Put simply, it’s too much for your advertisers to track and make quick changes to their ads.

Automating this process is essential, with feed ads guaranteeing that all ads update automatically in real time in line with any changes to your advertisers’ inventory. They simply do the work once, with the automation taking care of the rest.

By providing this efficient solution, you’re keeping everything running like clockwork with ads that are always relevant to the end user. And with higher relevance comes increased click-throughs and improved conversions.

Help them reach the right audience

Don’t limit your offering simply to your portfolio of publications. By increasing your available ad space to hundreds of websites outside your portfolio, your advertisers have the opportunity to engage with the right audiences. Why would they need to work with other media owners?

Match up their KPIs with the right tech

How else can you provide your advertisers with a solution to enhance their digital advertising? Access to the latest ad-tech is a key way to do this, but it needs to be the right tech for their needs with tools and techniques that will improve the performance of their campaigns.

If they need to better target their campaigns and segment their demographics on a local level, geotargeting is essential. Do they want to engage with users on the go and  in close proximity to their locations?

Get to know your clients, understand their objectives and work alongside them to best define the approach they need to take and what  tech is required to get the results. You’ll then begin to build a fantastic value-adding partnership with your advertisers.

Provide the data and the insights they need

Can you work with your retail clients in a flexible way to tweak and improve their campaigns throughout Q3? What insight can you provide? The opportunity for A/B testing is an excellent addition, as is access to enhanced reports that provide metrics that go way beyond impressions and click-through rate. By reporting on demographic data you enable your advertisers to better understand their customers and begin to build more tailored audience personas.

Feeding this insight back into their upcoming campaigns will ensure they’re even more relevant and tailored to the needs of their customer base.

Before you know it Q4 with Black Friday, Cyber Monday and many more campaigns will be upon us. Contact us today to see how Localstars can add more value to your offering to give you a competitive edge.