How media owners can enhance their productivity

March 25, 2019, written by margarita

Times are challenging. You’re facing increased YoY sales targets and doing it with less headcount in the sales team. The days of multiple sales people working on the same leads with clients and agencies are fading. The time required for face to face sales pitches is a luxury you rarely have.

How Media Owners can enhance their productivity with Localstars

Put simply, you need to do more with less.

As times change, you have an opportunity to evolve. With the right technology, you can empower your smaller sales team to be super-efficient with their time and close a higher percentage of deals.


Cutting out the waste

To ensure your sales team are as efficient and high-performing as possible, you need to be able to give them the opportunity to:

– Sell creatively in a way that helps prospects visualise their digital display activity

– Understand how engaged their prospects are

– Engage with  their prospects at the most opportune moment

– Know the best products and packages to recommend to their clients

The Sales Automation Engine from Localstars gives them the power to do all of this and more.


Creative selling

No longer will you need to leave anything up to the imagination of your advertisers. Where before they had to visualise what their ad would look like, know they’ll be provided with a fully built ad, illustrating exactly how it will appear on one of your publications.

Ads that are proposed to advertisers in this way, have seen between 25% and 45% conversion rates.


Understanding engagement

Your sales team will be provided with key metrics to track and understand the engagement of their prospects. They’ll know when they’ve viewed the ad and for how long. They will also know the precise moment that the prospect has their eyes on the ad.

These metrics also illustrate those prospects that aren’t engaged, detailing which should be viewed as a low priority. That’s vital knowledge of your prospect’s mindset that you never had before.


Most opportune moment

We’ve all been there in a sales meeting when the prospect just isn’t engaged. Their mind may be on other things and they’re drifting further away from signing up. With this way of selling, they’ll have the chance to view the ad in their own time. Crucially your sales team will know exactly when they’re viewing the ad and the best time to contact them.  

They’ll be highly engaged and ready to talk. They can even request call-backs with your sales agent at a time that suits them.

The rest of the time, your sales agents will be completely hands-off with the prospect, enabling them to concentrate their efforts on closing with other hot leads.


The best products and packages

The capabilities of the Sales Automation Engine will soon harness the power of machine learning algorithms. Recommending the best products and packages to position to your prospects, based on detailed data sets and indicators. This gives your sales team the chance to close the highest value and volume of deals.


Creating the opportunity to increase your revenue streams

Post sign-off, the time taken to produce and traffic campaigns through the Localstars platform is dramatically shortened.

The ads that your prospects are visualising are already built and ready to go live. There’s no need for them to invest in expensive ad creative. They already have multi-size, multi-shape and feature-rich HTML5 ads built, ready to go and any tweaks can be made live while your sales person is engaging with their prospect.

By drastically shortening this time, you can maximise your retention and increase your revenues in the process.

If you’re looking to be more productive with less and smash your sales targets, then contact us today to find out more. We’ll illustrate exactly how this can be done by increasing your current digital revenue or exploring new tactics for growth.