How Localstars Integrations can drive down Ad Operation costs and save time

July 30, 2019, written by margarita

In the current media landscape, the role of media owner is changing. 

How Localstars Integrations can drive down Ad Operations costs and save time

It’s imperative to offer your clients innovative digital solutions for their advertising campaigns and to ensure that they can engage with the audiences that really matter for their businesses.

To lock advertisers into the spend cycle, they’ll need to be provided with added value through actionable insights for their future campaigns, as well as their ongoing strategies. 

But that’s just with a focus on the clients. To safeguard the future of your business, you also need to ensure you can drive down operation costs and save time.

The problem of inefficient systems and processes 

Your sales team are likely operating under more and more constraints. They’ll have ambitious sales targets to hit with less headcount in the team. To keep sales processes efficient and your sales team high-performing, it’s essential to tap into the right creative selling techniques blended with automation to give them time to do what they do best; sell. 

That’s the sales process ticked off. What happens when campaigns are signed off? 

What could then be holding your business back is inefficient legacy systems for ad approval, flighting and post-flight changes. Without changing them up, you’ll waste both time and money. 

Whilst a complete revamp and overhaul of processes, procedures and systems might not be possible in the short-term, the solution comes with adapting the ways you currently work to enhance and streamline your existing processes.

The Localstars Platform 

At Localstars, we’re able to get under the skin of your business and fully understand how you currently work. More than that, we pride ourselves on our workflow and integration skills to ensure we can get your operation running smoothly and seamlessly. 

First and foremost we focus on the needs of your business and create a tailored solution to tackle inefficiencies. We then utilise your own workflows and ad booking systems and integrate the platform. This will ensure your process is optimised from start to finish. 

The Ad Approval Process 

How much time is your team spending checking ads are correct and securing approval before they go live? How much money are you wasting on the man hours? 

With integration to our platform, as soon as your ads are developed in our ad builder, they will automatically be sent on for approval from your client. Once the client approves them, they will also be automatically sent onto the ad server. There’s no need to spend time checking your end. 

And the fact that our ad builder creates multi-shape, omni-channel ads, means your team won’t need to check multiple variations of the same ad. Each and every variation is created off the same tag, meaning that changes in one will reflect in them all. 

Updating live campaigns 

Once a campaign is live, any post-flight changes can be managed seamlessly and smoothly. That means that any updates to the creative, campaign duration, or click-through URL for example can be implemented without any changes to the ad-tags. Everything is optimised and crucially it means that there’s no additional labour costs and time spent updating ads. 

The benefits to your business 

Simply by tapping into the capabilities of the Localstars platform, your business will enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Time savings 
  • Stronger asset management 
  • Increased accuracy 
  • Reduction in errors 
  • Fewer touchpoints from approval to flighting 

Most-importantly, you’ll enjoy a streamlined workflow across all of the publications in your portfolio. 

The unique nature of your operation 

These are the benefits that all media owners can enjoy, simply from integrating the platform into how you already work. 

But to cope with changes to the industry, new disruptors on the market and the increased demands of consumers, media owners need to change the way their businesses work. We recently worked with a marketplace that expanded their business by buying an additional brand, thereby inheriting a wide range of third party suppliers that covered everything from ad buying to ad serving. 

We were able to create a tailored and bespoke workflow solution from sale to ad flight. Importantly, identifying where savings could be made by integrating the ad builder with the ad server, enabling ad serving to be done in-house. This meant fewer resources were required and the cost associated from using a third party was trimmed. 

Workflows were changed, optimised and enhanced in just 24 hours. 

Book a demo today to see how Localstars can help you drive down operation costs and save time with your business.