Geotargeting & geofencing: Rejuvenate your digital offering for your advertisers

October 8, 2019, written by margarita

What new avenues are you exploring to rejuvenate and re-energise your client revenue? Or are you still plugging away with the same products and offering? 

Media owners continue to face difficulties in locking clients into the spend cycle. The industry is changing, and media owners are required to change with it. New products such as Geotargeting & Geofencing need to be offered to provide that additional value for advertisers which is essential. 

Traditional media owners offering increased digital services is just the first step. Solving your advertisers’ biggest challenges is where you need to be. 

Geotargeting & geofencing: Rejuvenating your digital offering for your advertisers

Ensuring your advertisers can engage with a local audience 

How many of your advertisers are speaking to you about the difficulty with connecting to a local audience? What cost-effective solutions are you providing to assist them? 

By extending your product portfolio to include both Geotargeting and Geofencing, you’ll provide your advertisers with the opportunity to: 

– Connect with their core demographic in a specific local area 

– Increase brand awareness

– Improve the performance of their bricks and mortar locations

– Move ahead of their competition


What is geotargeting and geofencing? 


Geofencing helps your advertisers solve potentially one of their biggest challenges; how to increase local footfall into their locations. 

It works much like retargeting, but in a physical space. The technology provides the capability to draw a digital fence around a defined area. Once users pass into or through the area in real-time, they will have a digital marker placed on them and will be served ads on their mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets.

This is how your advertisers can benefit from geofencing:

– Engaging with potential customers when they are close by, or visiting a nearby store with complimentary products

– Pulling previous customers back into the store with a new offer, event or deal 

– Drawing a digital fence around a competitor’s location and attracting their customers with an incentive that can’t be missed

 – Delivering an omni-channel customer experience in-store by drawing consumers into a location with digital display ads and re-engaging with them through additional ads once they’ve made a purchase

– Securing feedback to improve the customer experience  


Geotargeting works just like other forms of targeting in digital display advertising. It means that ads will be targeted at a specific audience (and only that audience) in a certain geographic area. 

For example, a retailer may wish to target women in the 18–25 age bracket within a specific city. This would be done based on criteria including address, zip code or even in line with a defined landmark. 

Crucially for your clients, all of their spend will go directly towards targeting that defined demographic. That means no budget will be wasted. It’s super-targeted and ensures that they can get their message out to their target audience in their local area. 

Here’s how your advertisers can use geotargeting: 

– To create brand awareness on a local level for their target demographic 

– To find and engage with new customers and bring them into the top of the purchase funnel, before beginning a retargeting strategy 

– To engage with their target audience and incentivise them to visit a bricks and mortar location

What this means for your offering 

Your advertisers don’t simply want to be sold the same products and solutions month after month and year after year, they require tailored solutions that help them engage with their required audiences in a cost-effective way. 

By listening to your clients’ needs and helping them find new and innovative ways to get in front of their customers and get ahead of the competition, you’ll establish yourself as their go-to provider for their digital display advertising. 

That’s just one way you can lock them into the spend cycle with you. 

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