The fastest way to create multi-shape HTML5 banner ads.

July 11, 2017, written by Connor Worden

Here at Localstars, we have the latest technology to help you generate high CTRs with our fully responsive HTML5 banner ads. Everyone that has seen the latest release of our new HTML5 banner maker has been blown away at the speed of how quickly ads are built.

Throughout our development process of building the templates, we’re constantly checking for differences in browsers to make sure that not only does the template perform well but it works for all browsers.

Whether you’re a salesperson or a design expert, the platform works for everyone. Our online banner maker has the tools for you to edit images, text, colours, and fonts making it perfect for matching a template to your brand.

Why should I be using HTML5 over Flash?

It all boils down to one factor, cross-device support. Most modern mobile devices don’t support Flash anymore so your ad would not work.

You also receive the added benefit of performance. Our HTML5 banner ads use CSS keyframes to animate so we don’t have to add anything to make the template work, it’s already in the browser!

Our HTML5 ads are ‘retina ready’ meaning that your ad will always look super sharp on any display

Take a look at our insight piece to learn more about what moving to HMTL5 means for your publications

Why should I be using digital advertising?

Our digital ads are responsive to any screen size, something you don’t get in print but more importantly; digital advertising is fast overtaking outdoor, cinema and television advertising and now totals 33% of all advertising. It is no longer competitive to just advertise in a newspaper.

For every £7 lost in print, £1 is earned – digital advertising isn’t only competitive, it’s cost effective.

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