Get ready for Black Friday with fantastic ads

October 18, 2016, written by Kavita Kovvali

Black Friday is undoubtedly one of the busiest shopping days of the year. This is the start of the critical holiday shopping season which can make or break a retailer’s revenue targets. To make the most of this year’s Black Friday rush, your advertisers must have stand-out ads that give them the competitive edge. Consumers are ready and hungry for deals and if your clients want the majority share, they have to have eye-catching ads that instantly grab attention and make the customer visit their site. Let’s take a quick look at what Black Friday means for advertisers and tips for the best ads for this sales period.

What Black Friday means for your clients in 2016

Even though it originated in America, Black Friday is now a fixed and established date in the worldwide retail calendar. Last year, Black Friday was UK’s biggest online shopping day with more than £3 billion spent (Source: Business Reporter). This year, it’s going to be even bigger; 2016 is predicted to be the first time that the UK reaches the £5 billion spend (Source: Tech Radar). Over in America, they’ve seen consistent increases in consumer spend over the last few years and this year isn’t going to break that trend:

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There is no denying that Black Friday is incredibly important for retailers. John Beechen, Head of Managed Services at Salmon said “Even those retailers who do not want to participate in Black Friday need to prepare themselves, as consumers will be in the mood to shop.” (Source: TechRadar). It’s a key date for all retailers as an estimated “30% of annual retail sales occur between Black Friday and Christmas”.

Ad tips for Black Friday

Remember, the advertisers are fighting in a very busy ad landscape where the viewers will only give a few seconds to select which ad to click on. So ensure your ads catch their eye for the right reasons. Take a look at our sample ads to see how you can use different techniques for your ads.


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