Top 5 ways for media owners to enhance efficiency

August 5, 2019, written by margarita
Localstars share the top 5 ways for media owners to enhance efficiency

Media owners need to provide advertisers with a product that drives performance on digital media campaigns and offers long-term value to their businesses. 

Being able to implement the best advertising solutions on the market is essential. But to keep your business running as it should, it’s vital that all your teams, from sales, creative and operations are as productive and efficient as possible when doing so.


Are you wasting time, energy and money with creative production? 

Are your creative teams spending all their time building ads for your advertisers’ digital display campaigns? Is their time spent tweaking and re-sizing ads? Could repetition be killing their creative skills? 

If you have a number of digital brands and publications under your umbrella, this can amount to thousands of digital display campaigns every single month. Boosting efficiencies is therefore essential.

  • Outsource your ad production

Simply by outsourcing the ad creation for the time-consuming smaller projects to Localstars you can efficiently scale and automate digital advertising. Through the Ad Builder, the smaller campaigns will be facilitated through the creation of high-quality, beautiful HTML5 ads across multiple shapes and sizes. 

Crucially this reduces the reliance on your internal production team ensuring they can concentrate on bigger more bespoke projects. We’ve previously seen this boost efficiency by 500%


Is your sales team meeting their quota? 

An efficient sales team is critical for boosting sales and driving revenue for the business. This is especially important when you’re battling the need to reduce the headcount in your team, while still achieving ambitious sales targets. 

If your sales team isn’t meeting their quota, the obvious conclusion to make is that they’re not working as hard as they could be. They’re not chasing down leads and identifying the right prospects. Are they even good salespeople? 

The problems might not lie with the individuals in the team, however. It could be a department-wide issue in that your sales team isn’t set up properly to be the most efficient that it can be. 

Here are some essential ways you can boost the efficiency of your sales team. 

Engage with hot leads 

Hot leads are what it’s all about. It’s no surprise to learn that 22% of salespeople say qualifying leads is their most challenging aspect of their job. Whilst many great salespeople down the years have followed their gut and acted on hunches, an efficient sales team will base all these decisions on data and the metrics that matter. 

Through the Localstars sales automation engine, your team will know which prospects have engaged with your proposal and how many times. You will immediately have a hierarchy of engaged prospects based on a variety of metrics and sales intelligence, enabling you to identify those which have the highest chance of converting. Your team can focus all their efforts on the hottest leads. 

Sell Creatively  

For many salespeople, technology has made their job harder. With so many tools to choose from and so many options, it’s confusing things. They may know that the tech exists and that they should be using it, but they don’t know how to get the best out of it. 

The best ad technology should be simple and easy to use. Importantly, it must benefit your team. 

By providing your prospects with an example of one of their ads running live on one of your publications, you immediately ensure that they can visualise exactly what they’re getting from you. Gone are the days of long meetings and presentations without the certainty of whether your prospects understood everything. Through these creative selling techniques, we’re seeing sales teams realise 20-45% conversion rates on their digital sales campaigns. 

Engage with prospects at the right time 

Remember the days of picking up the phone and hoping it was a good time, or sending an email with a read receipt just to check that your prospect is engaged? 

Say goodbye to these inefficient tactics. 

Enabling your prospects to view their campaign is just the first step. Your sales agent will also be notified as soon as your prospect views the ad. A prospect can even notify them when they’re ready to talk. Now those are the buying signals an efficient sales team needs. 


Are your workflows as efficient as they can be? 

How quickly are you flighting ads and getting campaigns live once they’re signed off by your advertisers? 

Your clients will want to move quickly and will look to you to provide an agile solution. 

Immediately flight ads once signed off 

Once your client is engaged, you can quickly and easily tweak the creative in real-time, dramatically reducing your sign off time. It also means your creative team won’t need to be involved and dedicate resources to making client amends. 

After sign off, your client won’t then need to pay for expensive ad creative, as their ads will already be built and ready to go live on your publications. 

Crucially, the Localstars platform allows for bespoke integrations, such as integrating the ad builder with an ad server or streamlining the process from ad creation to sales. This ensures your operations team is super-efficient and won’t have to spend their time with manual tasks, driving down your ad operation costs. 

If you’re looking to maximise current digital revenue or explore new tactics of digital revenue growth then book a demo with us today to find out more.

Winning advertising sales by visualising Ads

August 2, 2019, written by margarita

How to create and convert opportunity in the digital age

In an increasingly digital world, how do you get your advertisers to commit their advertising sales and media spend? Fundamental to the future of your business will be to lock advertisers into a spending cycle with you. And not your competitors. 

But advertisers are savvy. They know the value of their budget and they have increasingly ambitious KPIs to hit. They also understand the channel mix and what it can deliver for their business and are opting for a holistic cross-channel approach. 

Localstars share how to create and convert opportunity in the digital age for advertising sales

TV spend might be down year on year (YoY), but is still a significant £1.4billion, whilst radio is enjoying a resurgence, with a 5% YoY increase. Digital continues to grow with search and online display pulling in almost £12billion in advertising revenue in 2018

Advertisers are looking for digital solutions to perform in the short-term to supplement any longer-term traditional campaigns. As a media owner, this is your opportunity. 

Creating your opportunity 

This is your chance to harness the power of the latest technology to give your advertisers the best possible solutions to cater for their needs and goals. If you can also tap into the capabilities of AI, machine learning and automation you can make your own processes slicker, more cost-effective and streamlined. 

Here’s how you can create that opportunity. 

1.Offer a cost-effective service for digital advertising 

Your advertiser may view ad creation as a significant barrier to entry for digital advertising. The upfront costs associated with a creative agency eating into their budget, before they can get any ads live can be off-putting. 

The opportunity to build their digital display ads quickly and easily with you, for a much lower cost, is the first step. By offering this added value and additional services, you also create another revenue stream for yourself. 

The Localstars ad builder enables beautiful, multi-click, multi-shape and feature-rich digital display ads to be built in minutes.  Providing the service as part of your digital display package for your advertisers, means one cost for all of their activity. 

2.Help them visualise their ads in a live environment 

Your sales tactics need to be streamlined and efficient to convert leads into clients and ensure your advertisers continue to spend with you. Don’t simply rely on your sales team describing what it may look like. Let the client see it; it’s a try before you buy pitch. 

The Localstars Sales Automation Engine uses creative selling techniques to illustrate to your prospects exactly what their ads will look like when live, enabling them to view it in their own time. And crucially you’ll get the metrics on how many times they do so and for how long. Your sales team will focus on the most engaged prospects and at the time when they’re the hottest. It’s the ideal way to harness tech to enhance your sales and revenue.

3.Cut down the trafficking time 

By ensuring your campaigns can be produced and trafficked quickly, you offer your advertisers a quick route to market to get their ads in front of the customers that matter for their business. The Localstars platform shortens the time required to sell, produce and traffic campaigns, which gives you the opportunity to maximise client retention and increase revenues in the process. 

4.Offer your advertisers access to market-leading technology 

But not just technology. Technology that will enhance the performance of their digital advertising. 

Geolocation technology enables your advertisers to reach local audiences, whether by geo-targeting or by geo-fencing. 

Through geo-targeting, your advertisers can target people in a specific location to increase their brand awareness. All of the budget will be focused on that location, meaning  no wasted ad spend. Geo-fencing enables ads to be served to people that enter a defined area, retargeting them through mobile advertising, with the aim of boosting conversions in store. 

Whatever the objectives of your advertisers, you’re able to offer them a variety of solutions that can be tailored to their needs with your custom-made offering. That’s how you keep them in the spending cycle. 

5.Help them to get engage with their customers 

Consumers are continuing to be more demanding. They have different needs at varying stages of the buying journey. When online they’ll have contrasting mindsets and needs throughout the day. The same display ad pointing to one landing page at all times simply doesn’t suffice and it won’t drive engagement. 

Dynamic ads that change in line with the time of the day, the day of the week, the weather and the language of the user are key. As are multi-click ads with tailored landing pages that cater to each stage of the purchase funnel. 

6.Cater to their specific needs 

By showing your advertisers you know how they operate and by providing products to cater to their needs, you’ll lock in their ad spend with you. 

For advertisers with ever-changing product inventories – think car dealers, travel companies, and gambling websites – they need a solution that ensures their ads are always up-to-date. Whenever their inventory changes, this needs to be updated in their ad. Feed ads provide a simple and straightforward solution to this problem. And they can now get this solution with you. 

7.Provide insights and metrics to power future campaigns

It’s important to provide added value for future campaigns as well as feeding into your advertisers’ ongoing strategies. Advanced Insights Reporting helps your advertisers to understand the key metrics around their audience and how best to engage with them. You’ll be providing them with the tools to tailor their future campaigns and drive better results. 

There’s never been a better time to get your digital advertising offering up to scratch. By doing away with a scattergun approach and legacy systems and by tapping into the power of the Localstars platform you’ll give your advertisers more bang for their buck and can drive improved revenues in the process. 

Book a demo to see how Localstars can add more value to your offering to give you a competitive edge.

How Localstars Integrations can drive down Ad Operation costs and save time

July 30, 2019, written by margarita

In the current media landscape, the role of media owner is changing. 

How Localstars Integrations can drive down Ad Operations costs and save time

It’s imperative to offer your clients innovative digital solutions for their advertising campaigns and to ensure that they can engage with the audiences that really matter for their businesses.

To lock advertisers into the spend cycle, they’ll need to be provided with added value through actionable insights for their future campaigns, as well as their ongoing strategies. 

But that’s just with a focus on the clients. To safeguard the future of your business, you also need to ensure you can drive down operation costs and save time.

The problem of inefficient systems and processes 

Your sales team are likely operating under more and more constraints. They’ll have ambitious sales targets to hit with less headcount in the team. To keep sales processes efficient and your sales team high-performing, it’s essential to tap into the right creative selling techniques blended with automation to give them time to do what they do best; sell. 

That’s the sales process ticked off. What happens when campaigns are signed off? 

What could then be holding your business back is inefficient legacy systems for ad approval, flighting and post-flight changes. Without changing them up, you’ll waste both time and money. 

Whilst a complete revamp and overhaul of processes, procedures and systems might not be possible in the short-term, the solution comes with adapting the ways you currently work to enhance and streamline your existing processes.

The Localstars Platform 

At Localstars, we’re able to get under the skin of your business and fully understand how you currently work. More than that, we pride ourselves on our workflow and integration skills to ensure we can get your operation running smoothly and seamlessly. 

First and foremost we focus on the needs of your business and create a tailored solution to tackle inefficiencies. We then utilise your own workflows and ad booking systems and integrate the platform. This will ensure your process is optimised from start to finish. 

The Ad Approval Process 

How much time is your team spending checking ads are correct and securing approval before they go live? How much money are you wasting on the man hours? 

With integration to our platform, as soon as your ads are developed in our ad builder, they will automatically be sent on for approval from your client. Once the client approves them, they will also be automatically sent onto the ad server. There’s no need to spend time checking your end. 

And the fact that our ad builder creates multi-shape, omni-channel ads, means your team won’t need to check multiple variations of the same ad. Each and every variation is created off the same tag, meaning that changes in one will reflect in them all. 

Updating live campaigns 

Once a campaign is live, any post-flight changes can be managed seamlessly and smoothly. That means that any updates to the creative, campaign duration, or click-through URL for example can be implemented without any changes to the ad-tags. Everything is optimised and crucially it means that there’s no additional labour costs and time spent updating ads. 

The benefits to your business 

Simply by tapping into the capabilities of the Localstars platform, your business will enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Time savings 
  • Stronger asset management 
  • Increased accuracy 
  • Reduction in errors 
  • Fewer touchpoints from approval to flighting 

Most-importantly, you’ll enjoy a streamlined workflow across all of the publications in your portfolio. 

The unique nature of your operation 

These are the benefits that all media owners can enjoy, simply from integrating the platform into how you already work. 

But to cope with changes to the industry, new disruptors on the market and the increased demands of consumers, media owners need to change the way their businesses work. We recently worked with a marketplace that expanded their business by buying an additional brand, thereby inheriting a wide range of third party suppliers that covered everything from ad buying to ad serving. 

We were able to create a tailored and bespoke workflow solution from sale to ad flight. Importantly, identifying where savings could be made by integrating the ad builder with the ad server, enabling ad serving to be done in-house. This meant fewer resources were required and the cost associated from using a third party was trimmed. 

Workflows were changed, optimised and enhanced in just 24 hours. 

Book a demo today to see how Localstars can help you drive down operation costs and save time with your business. 

Advertiser Retention: Give your advertisers long-term value as well as short-term performance

July 30, 2019, written by margarita

Your advertisers will be facing significant challenges. 

First and foremost, performance against short-term objectives will be high on their agenda. Lowering the cost of acquisition, increasing click-thru rates and delivering a market-leading conversion rate will be essential. As will be the need to trim costs as and where they can.

Localstars shares an Advertiser Retention Guide - Give advertisers longterm value as well as shortterm performance

But these short-term goals shouldn’t detract from the long-term vision of the business either. 

In the current climate, many consumers lack trust in advertising, but expect a consistent and valuable customer experience from the brands they engage with. Brand is still hugely important. 

It’s a delicate balancing act.

Short-term performance 

Typically, performance in the short-term focuses on reaching the right audience. 

Through the ad extension capabilities of the Localstars platform, your clients will have the ability to reach new audiences, simply by increasing your available ad space to hundreds of websites outside your portfolio of publications. 

That’s the first step in ensuring they can get their message out there. 

To generate higher Click-Thru Rates (CTRs) and lower the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), campaigns must be tailored to their specific audience demographics with dynamic creative that change in line with their customer’s mindset. It’s crucial to ensure your creative, messaging and targeting are relevant to their needs through retargeting for example.

Geo-targeting enables campaigns to be tailored on a local level, while geo fencing will assist them with driving footfall in store. 

By working with your advertisers and understanding their business objectives for the short-term, you can implement a tailored and bespoke strategy to perform against their core Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). 

That’s the short-term covered.  

Cutting costs and driving efficiencies 

Return on Investment (RoI) will always be a focus in Boardrooms. Shareholders will want to see value in the short-term, putting pressure on Marketing Directors and Managers. 

Key to locking clients into the spend cycle with you will be an ability to help them cut costs where necessary and improve the efficiency of their business. 

Feed ads streamline day to day operations when dealing with a vast and ever-changing inventory, whereas functionality provided by the ad builder will save time and money when it comes to ad creation. Importantly, you can help free up creative teams by removing the need for them to take on repetitive reformatting and tweaking of ads. 

Long-term value and the customer experience 

While your advertisers might be chasing short-term growth and focusing on the KPIs that matter immediately, it’s crucial for your business to assist them in keeping one eye on their brand positioning and customer experience. 

Our advanced insights reporting is a key tool to do just that. 

By providing your advertisers with actionable insights and reporting on the following metrics, you’re helping them to learn as much as they can about their customers to include:-

  • Age 
  • Income 
  • Interests 
  • Gender  
  • Demographic 
  • Marital Status 

With these insights at hand, all parties are better able to modify upcoming campaigns and drive the best results in the short-term and keep advertiser retention. 

With such data as an input, the type of deal, offer, creative or message will better resonate with a specific audience. Not only does this enable Advertisers to build key personas and demographics for each of their products and services, it assists in the definition of an improved customer experience.

That’s the essential long-term planning they’re after. 

Finding the balance 

Central to your role as a media owner will be to offer advertisers the most appropriate solution to drive essential performance in the short-term but to balance this with illustrating long-term value. You’ll achieve advertiser retention, your clients will keep coming back as you have evolved to be a trusted value added partner and they will be more than happy to lock into the spend cycle with you. 

Book a demo with us today to see how Localstars can add more value to your offering to give you a competitive edge.

5 ways to enhance the efficiency of your sales team

July 30, 2019, written by margarita

What is the efficiency of your sales team right now?

What is your sales team doing? Are they chasing the hottest leads? Do they know the best possible product to position to their prospects? Are they drowning in new leads with no way of differentiating between potential deals or claiming there is no pipeline to contend with at all?

The latter is an easy situation to fall into. 

Especially considering the constraints you’re likely working under. Are those sales targets continuing to increase? Is the headcount in your team reducing as we speak? 

Despite those constraints, an efficient and high performing sales team is within reach.


Automating your approach to sales

The Localstars Sales Automation Engine uses creative selling techniques to showcase your proposition and bring it to life right in front of your advertisers. Through tracking the metrics that matter, identifying your hottest prospects and clarifying the best time to engage with them, your sales team will become super-efficient and more importantly high performing.

Here’s how you can provide your Sales Team with a platform for success.

1.Give them the tools to convert 

Your sales agents no longer need to rely on their individual approach to bring your proposition to life for your advertisers. They don’t need to be experts in body language to read what their prospects really think. 

By automating the production of ads in advance of a sale, advertisers will see exactly how their ads will appear in context when live on one of your publications. The ad will already have been built, with your contact having the opportunity to view it as and when they want. You also don’t need to rely on them relaying the message internally within their business. Anyone that needs to see the ad can. Visualisation is key to ensuring your team secures campaign sign off, turning leads into sales. 

Using this technique, we’ve seen between 25% – 45% conversion rates with advertisers.

2. Help them to engage with the hottest prospects 

The  tracking available through the Sales Automation Engine helps your sales team to understand the engagement of your prospects. They will know which prospects have viewed their ad, how many times it has been viewed and for how long. 

Simple analysis using these metrics will enable your sales agents to prioritise their prospects and engage with those that have the highest chance of converting. 

3.Time things just right 

They’ve creating their order of priority. That’s the first step, but when’s the right time to sell? The data provided by the solution details exactly when your prospect is viewing the ad, providing your sales team with the key knowledge of the perfect moment to make contact. 

The ad will be fresh in their mind. They’ll be excited at the potential of what it will do for their advertising strategy and they’ll be ready to talk. Now’s the time to close. 

And the fact that the prospect can even request a call back themselves, means that your team will be completely hands off until the opportune moment to sell. Now that’s an efficient approach to sales. 

4.Close the highest value deals 

A sales team that works efficiently is highly desirable, but to make everything work as hard as it can, they need to be closing the highest value deals. That’s how you can smash those sales targets and drive even more sales revenue per employee. 

Through machine learning the solution delivers the capability to recommend the best products and packages to position to your prospects. This will be based on thousands of data indicators that will provide you and your sales managers with easily actionable insights, to get in front of your prospects with the solutions that will best cater to their needs.  

5.Make everything as easy as possible for your prospects 

What they see is truly what they get. Once they sign off on a campaign with you, there’s no need for them to then go out and source expensive creative. The ad they see in the sales process is the ad that will go live, as it’s already built. 

That means everything is turned around much faster and speeds up the process of reacting to changes in market dynamics. It also means cost-efficiencies for your clients and the potential for more available budget to spend on campaigns rather than creative. 

If you’re looking to smash sales targets year on year by maximising current digital revenue, or exploring new tactics for acquiring new digital revenue growth then book a demo today to find out more.

Why customer experience matters to your advertisers

July 24, 2019, written by margarita

The modern day consumer is extremely demanding, self-aware, and at times, difficult to advertise to. 

They understand when they’re being targeted, they lack trust in some traditional forms of advertising, they are very aware of the value of their personal data and they know what good customer experiences look like. 

Why customer experience matters to your advertisers

While this may seem like a negative for brands and specifically for your advertisers, there are still plenty of positives to be taken from the modern consumer. Specifically for the brands that they value, and most-importantly that they feel value from.

The importance of customer experience 

We know that 41% of consumers have switched from one brand to another because the former didn’t take the time to learn about them and reflect this in their interactions with them

By helping your clients to understand who their customers are and learn more about them, you’ll help them stay ahead of the competition. 

Their existing customer experience 

They may believe that they are already catering to the needs of their customers and providing them with the experience that they crave. In most instances this probably isn’t the case. 

In fact, 80% of companies feel that they are already delivering super experiences for their customers. The reality is that just 8% of customers think this is the case

There’s clearly a gap. 

As a media owner in an ever-changing landscape, you have the opportunity to help your advertisers fill it and continue to provide additional value to your clients. 

Helping them to learn about their customers 

Simply by reporting on the usual metrics of click-through rate and impressions, you’re not providing sufficient value for your clients. How can you help to learn what really resonates with their customers?  

It’s crucial to dig a little deeper to analyse more about the users that engage with their ads. Important metrics include the following: 

  • Age 
  • Income 
  • Interests 
  • Gender
  • Demographic 
  • Marital Status
  • Device Type 
  • Time Breakdown 
  • Keyword Breakdown

In the short-term this helps to illustrate where future spend should be allocated in line with the types of deal, offer or creative that resonate with a particular audience. 

Taking time to understand these variables will improve the customer experience when building and flighting their digital display campaigns with you. 

The additional value that the above metrics provide lie in the ability to build key personas and customer profiles for each of their products and services. 

By knowing the age, gender and income of their audience, they are beginning to better understand the needs and desires of their customers. This will impact their brand messaging, the creative they use in all of their advertising and where they advertise. 

An understanding of the devices their audience are using, when and where they are spending their time online and the keywords they’re using to search, will give a detailed picture of the habits of their customers, their changing mindset and their core interests. 

That means a much more tailored knowledge of their users. 

These learnings are then applied to the ongoing customer experience across all their brand touchpoints, creating a deeper connection with their customers and a valuable interaction for both sides. 

Provide a personal touch to their digital display campaigns

Offering your advertisers insight into their consumers is just one way to ensure that they provide a better customer experience.

Through the products that you offer as part of your digital display advertising packages you can also ensure that their campaigns are tailored and personalised for their audience through the right use of feed ads, dynamic creative, and retargeting.

The more the ads are personalised and the better they cater to the needs of the individual, the stronger they will perform for your clients. 

Book a demo today to learn more about the Localstars offering and how you can help your advertisers focus on customer experience to give them a competitive edge. 

Industry Snapshot 2019: The Changing Media Landscape

July 23, 2019, written by margarita

Advertising, marketing and the media landscape look very different in 2019 than it did 10 years ago

While huge progress has been made and advances in technology provide marketers with countless options to activate their digital campaigns, this has impacted the traditional roles of media owners. For some the changing media landscape spells opportunity, for others it has meant casualty.

Localstars take a look at the changing media landscape in 2019

In 2019, the changes continue apace. It’s therefore essential for media owners to evolve and provide tailored solutions for their advertisers. 

Here are some of the biggest changes happening right now.

The increase in global digital ad spend 

This year, not just the media landscape but worldwide spending on digital advertising will rise by 17.6%, meaning global digital ad spend will be around the $300 billion mark

And for the first time ever, it will account for roughly half of the global ad market. 

Whilst the likes of the UK, China, Norway and Canada are well into the digital revolution, they’re set to be joined by the US this year, with digital accounting for 54.2% of total ad spend in the USA. 

For media owners, once enjoying the fruits of traditional forms of advertising, the need to provide digital solutions for their advertisers is only intensifying. 


The age of disruption 

For many commentators, the age of disruption is now. When disruption occurs, it picks apart entire industries and reformats the status quo. And we’re currently seeing disruption occurring in a number of ways. 

When new disruptors enter a market they do so by growing rapidly and challenging the traditional businesses, while advances in technology have completely re-imagined the possibilities for marketers and advertisers. The upshot of this is that established businesses chase rapid growth in the short-term by focussing their energies towards performance marketing. This always has to be done with one eye on the saliency of their brand, their long-term business objectives and the all-important customer experience. 

As a media owner, it’s essential to be able to provide your advertisers with access to market-leading ad-tech to boost their performance in the short-term and enhance their customer experience; the likes of geo-location technology, re-targeting, dynamic creative and feed ads are essential for this. However, to assist with their ongoing marketing strategy and the long-term performance of their brand, it’s crucial to offer deeper insights and data through advanced insights reporting

The combination of short-term performance with longer-term insights is a very attractive proposition for advertisers. 


The impact of disruption on marketers 

As everything happens at such a pace for marketers today, they are facing considerable challenges in their day-to-day working lives. The pressure of chasing short-term growth and the increasing options in ad-tech and mar-tech has led many marketers to become stressed out and overburdened. 

In fact, the 2018 BIMA Tech & Inclusion report found that marketers are as stressed out as those working in the health service. 

As a media owner, it’s essential to offer a simple and straightforward solution to cater to the ongoing needs of your advertisers. By catering to all of their digital display requirements in one place and by offering additional value through tailored solutions, you will ensure you will become the go-to provider for all their campaigns. Crucially that means locking them into the spend cycle with you.  

There’s never been a better time to get your digital advertising offering up to scratch. By ridding your operation of legacy systems and archaic reporting and by tapping into the power of the Localstars platform, you’ll give your advertisers an end-to-end digital solution to power the performance of their businesses. 

Contact us today to see how Localstars can add more value to your offering to give you a competitive edge.

How to help your advertisers get the most out of the retail calendar in Q3

June 19, 2019, written by margarita

Are you already engaging with your advertisers in the retail space for their campaigns in Q3?

Between July and September, retailers will likely be focused on key dates in the calendar including Independence Day in the US, Wimbledon, the August Bank Holiday in the UK, Key Dance & Music Festivals and of course ‘Back to School’.

Localstars shows how to help your advertisers get the most out of the retail calendar in Q3

The role of a media owner at this busy time is to keep everything as straightforward and efficient as possible for your advertisers. It’s also key to increase the performance of your advertiser’s campaigns, to provide them with a competitive edge and lock them into the spend cycle with you, for this quarter and beyond.  

Simplify the process

The retail calendar in Q3 is diverse, with multiple events happening throughout the course of the three months. Each event will have its own unique hook for your advertisers, meaning they’ll need to create and flight multiple campaigns in quick succession.

By creating a simplified, cost effective and efficient solution to build and flight ads, you’ll be an attractive proposition for your advertisers. The Localstars ad builder, means your clients will have beautiful, feature rich, multi-shape HTML5 ads created in minutes. Crucially, this is likely to cut their usual creative production costs by 60%.

Keep everything running efficiently

With multiple campaigns running in quick succession it’s essential that an efficient solution is implemented that ensures every single ad is always up-to-date. With a big product inventory that’s constantly changing, products selling out, new deals updating, or offers changing frequently, it can be very challenging.

Put simply, it’s too much for your advertisers to track and make quick changes to their ads.

Automating this process is essential, with feed ads guaranteeing that all ads update automatically in real time in line with any changes to your advertisers’ inventory. They simply do the work once, with the automation taking care of the rest.

By providing this efficient solution, you’re keeping everything running like clockwork with ads that are always relevant to the end user. And with higher relevance comes increased click-throughs and improved conversions.

Help them reach the right audience

Don’t limit your offering simply to your portfolio of publications. By increasing your available ad space to hundreds of websites outside your portfolio, your advertisers have the opportunity to engage with the right audiences. Why would they need to work with other media owners?

Match up their KPIs with the right tech

How else can you provide your advertisers with a solution to enhance their digital advertising? Access to the latest ad-tech is a key way to do this, but it needs to be the right tech for their needs with tools and techniques that will improve the performance of their campaigns.

If they need to better target their campaigns and segment their demographics on a local level, geotargeting is essential. Do they want to engage with users on the go and  in close proximity to their locations?

Get to know your clients, understand their objectives and work alongside them to best define the approach they need to take and what  tech is required to get the results. You’ll then begin to build a fantastic value-adding partnership with your advertisers.

Provide the data and the insights they need

Can you work with your retail clients in a flexible way to tweak and improve their campaigns throughout Q3? What insight can you provide? The opportunity for A/B testing is an excellent addition, as is access to enhanced reports that provide metrics that go way beyond impressions and click-through rate. By reporting on demographic data you enable your advertisers to better understand their customers and begin to build more tailored audience personas.

Feeding this insight back into their upcoming campaigns will ensure they’re even more relevant and tailored to the needs of their customer base.

Before you know it Q4 with Black Friday, Cyber Monday and many more campaigns will be upon us. Contact us today to see how Localstars can add more value to your offering to give you a competitive edge.

CarGurus drive down ad operation costs and time with Localstars integrations

June 17, 2019, written by margarita

The Client

CarGurus is the largest online automotive marketplace in the US based on monthly unique visitors, with more car listings than any other major online automotive marketplace in the US.


The Challenge

CarGurus bought the brand Pistonheads and when doing so, inherited a vast range of third party suppliers from ad production to ad serving. 

Each inherited supplier came with it’s own challenges and costs which was making the challenge of streamlining the new brand more complicated


The Solution

Localstars reviewed the ideal workflow solution from sale to ad flight and helped identify where CarGurus could make savings by integrating their ad builder with their ad server.

Once an integration was developed, this would allow CarGurus to handle ad serving in house with fewer resources and less cost as a third party was no longer required.


The Result

Within the first month, Localstars set up the first phase of the integration which saw the team able to condense their workflow overnight. They were able to easily move all of their live ads onto the new ad server within a 24 hour period.

After the success of Phase 1 – we are now working with CarGurus to identify where we could streamline their processes from sales to ad creation, reducing the amount of duplicate data entry needed from sales teams so they can do what they do best, sell.

“Thank you again… and the continued work to get us up and running… you guys are heroes” – Liz Sheehan – Senior Manager of Advertising Operations

Why ad analytics matter to advertisers

June 17, 2019, written by margarita

The media landscape is changing fast.

The role of the media owner is expanding and with it your advertisers are becoming more demanding so we take a look at why ad analytics matter to advertisers.

Why ad analytics matter to advertisers

With traditional channels faltering in the face of increased performance from online advertising, this presents a real opportunity for media owners to better evolve and cater to the changing needs of their advertisers. If you can do that, you’ll begin to lock your advertisers into the spend cycle with you and get ahead of the competition.

Adding extra value

A key tactic to keep your advertisers spending their budgets with you is to give them extra value. To help improve their campaigns at every stage and to ensure they don’t take those meetings with your competition.

Reporting is a crucial technique to do just that.

When it comes to reporting for digital display, what do your advertisers need? They want data on click-through rates, conversion rates and impressions, that’s a given. All media owners will provide advertisers with exactly that. If this is the minimum they expect, there’s no extra value. There’s no insight to help boost their campaigns further and give them a competitive edge in their market. Provide advertisers with that insight and you have the potential to extend or create another campaign.

How do you differentiate yourself?

By providing your advertisers with that competitive edge.

Consider the fact that your advertisers won’t view their digital display campaigns in isolation. Individual campaigns are all elements of a long-term vision for the business, despite the short-term KPIs that may be set for them.
You need to take this long-term view while still offering performance in the short-term.

Their relationship with you shouldn’t start and finish with the beginning and end of campaigns. The question for you is what insights can you give them that will fuel their future digital display campaigns and help build the long term success of their business? How can you go beyond digital display and impact their entire marketing strategy?

This is why advertisers care about ad analytics.

The ad analytics that matter

To help your advertisers balance short-term performance with their long-term objectives, it’s essential to ensure they get a detailed understanding of their customers.

Why customer focused analytics matter to digital display

Specifically through customer focussed analytics, your advertisers can:

  • Increase click throughs, conversions and ultimately ROI by contacting the right customers with extremely relevant offers, deals and messages.
  • Cut the costs of their campaigns by targeting the customers with the best chance of acting.
  • Deliver the right message by segmenting customers more effectively through a better understanding of their target audience.

That’s why the ad analytics you have available truly matter to your consumers.

Why customer focused analytics matter to their wider marketing strategy

If your clients know how their campaigns perform and how they resonate with key audiences, they can further tailor their upcoming digital display campaigns to generate as much performance as possible. That’s just the start.

You’ve now given them the tools to better understand their target audience. This insight and personas will therefore impact all other areas of their advertising and marketing strategy moving forward.

Advanced reporting through the Localstars Platform

The Advanced Insights Reporting through the Localstars Platform provides your advertisers with the performance data that truly matters to the future of their business.

Run of the mill metrics will be a thing of the past. Now they can really dive deep into their key demographics, feeding this insight back into their overarching marketing strategy.

Your advertisers will now be able to understand the following metrics:

  • Age
  • Income
  • Interests
  • Gender
  • Demographic
  • Marital Status
  • Device Type
  • Time Breakdown
  • Keyword Breakdown

You’re providing them with the data to define who their audience is, to understand the customer demographics that convert and the users that represent the highest value to their business.

Contact us today to learn more about the Localstars offering or book a demo to understand how we can give you and your advertisers a competitive edge.