Advertiser Retention: Give your advertisers long-term value as well as short-term performance

July 30, 2019, written by margarita

Your advertisers will be facing significant challenges. 

First and foremost, performance against short-term objectives will be high on their agenda. Lowering the cost of acquisition, increasing click-thru rates and delivering a market-leading conversion rate will be essential. As will be the need to trim costs as and where they can.

Localstars shares an Advertiser Retention Guide - Give advertisers longterm value as well as shortterm performance

But these short-term goals shouldn’t detract from the long-term vision of the business either. 

In the current climate, many consumers lack trust in advertising, but expect a consistent and valuable customer experience from the brands they engage with. Brand is still hugely important. 

It’s a delicate balancing act.

Short-term performance 

Typically, performance in the short-term focuses on reaching the right audience. 

Through the ad extension capabilities of the Localstars platform, your clients will have the ability to reach new audiences, simply by increasing your available ad space to hundreds of websites outside your portfolio of publications. 

That’s the first step in ensuring they can get their message out there. 

To generate higher Click-Thru Rates (CTRs) and lower the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), campaigns must be tailored to their specific audience demographics with dynamic creative that change in line with their customer’s mindset. It’s crucial to ensure your creative, messaging and targeting are relevant to their needs through retargeting for example.

Geo-targeting enables campaigns to be tailored on a local level, while geo fencing will assist them with driving footfall in store. 

By working with your advertisers and understanding their business objectives for the short-term, you can implement a tailored and bespoke strategy to perform against their core Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). 

That’s the short-term covered.  

Cutting costs and driving efficiencies 

Return on Investment (RoI) will always be a focus in Boardrooms. Shareholders will want to see value in the short-term, putting pressure on Marketing Directors and Managers. 

Key to locking clients into the spend cycle with you will be an ability to help them cut costs where necessary and improve the efficiency of their business. 

Feed ads streamline day to day operations when dealing with a vast and ever-changing inventory, whereas functionality provided by the ad builder will save time and money when it comes to ad creation. Importantly, you can help free up creative teams by removing the need for them to take on repetitive reformatting and tweaking of ads. 

Long-term value and the customer experience 

While your advertisers might be chasing short-term growth and focusing on the KPIs that matter immediately, it’s crucial for your business to assist them in keeping one eye on their brand positioning and customer experience. 

Our advanced insights reporting is a key tool to do just that. 

By providing your advertisers with actionable insights and reporting on the following metrics, you’re helping them to learn as much as they can about their customers to include:-

  • Age 
  • Income 
  • Interests 
  • Gender  
  • Demographic 
  • Marital Status 

With these insights at hand, all parties are better able to modify upcoming campaigns and drive the best results in the short-term and keep advertiser retention. 

With such data as an input, the type of deal, offer, creative or message will better resonate with a specific audience. Not only does this enable Advertisers to build key personas and demographics for each of their products and services, it assists in the definition of an improved customer experience.

That’s the essential long-term planning they’re after. 

Finding the balance 

Central to your role as a media owner will be to offer advertisers the most appropriate solution to drive essential performance in the short-term but to balance this with illustrating long-term value. You’ll achieve advertiser retention, your clients will keep coming back as you have evolved to be a trusted value added partner and they will be more than happy to lock into the spend cycle with you. 

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