5 ways to enhance the efficiency of your sales team

July 30, 2019, written by margarita

What is the efficiency of your sales team right now?

What is your sales team doing? Are they chasing the hottest leads? Do they know the best possible product to position to their prospects? Are they drowning in new leads with no way of differentiating between potential deals or claiming there is no pipeline to contend with at all?

The latter is an easy situation to fall into. 

Especially considering the constraints you’re likely working under. Are those sales targets continuing to increase? Is the headcount in your team reducing as we speak? 

Despite those constraints, an efficient and high performing sales team is within reach.


Automating your approach to sales

The Localstars Sales Automation Engine uses creative selling techniques to showcase your proposition and bring it to life right in front of your advertisers. Through tracking the metrics that matter, identifying your hottest prospects and clarifying the best time to engage with them, your sales team will become super-efficient and more importantly high performing.

Here’s how you can provide your Sales Team with a platform for success.

1.Give them the tools to convert 

Your sales agents no longer need to rely on their individual approach to bring your proposition to life for your advertisers. They don’t need to be experts in body language to read what their prospects really think. 

By automating the production of ads in advance of a sale, advertisers will see exactly how their ads will appear in context when live on one of your publications. The ad will already have been built, with your contact having the opportunity to view it as and when they want. You also don’t need to rely on them relaying the message internally within their business. Anyone that needs to see the ad can. Visualisation is key to ensuring your team secures campaign sign off, turning leads into sales. 

Using this technique, we’ve seen between 25% – 45% conversion rates with advertisers.

2. Help them to engage with the hottest prospects 

The  tracking available through the Sales Automation Engine helps your sales team to understand the engagement of your prospects. They will know which prospects have viewed their ad, how many times it has been viewed and for how long. 

Simple analysis using these metrics will enable your sales agents to prioritise their prospects and engage with those that have the highest chance of converting. 

3.Time things just right 

They’ve creating their order of priority. That’s the first step, but when’s the right time to sell? The data provided by the solution details exactly when your prospect is viewing the ad, providing your sales team with the key knowledge of the perfect moment to make contact. 

The ad will be fresh in their mind. They’ll be excited at the potential of what it will do for their advertising strategy and they’ll be ready to talk. Now’s the time to close. 

And the fact that the prospect can even request a call back themselves, means that your team will be completely hands off until the opportune moment to sell. Now that’s an efficient approach to sales. 

4.Close the highest value deals 

A sales team that works efficiently is highly desirable, but to make everything work as hard as it can, they need to be closing the highest value deals. That’s how you can smash those sales targets and drive even more sales revenue per employee. 

Through machine learning the solution delivers the capability to recommend the best products and packages to position to your prospects. This will be based on thousands of data indicators that will provide you and your sales managers with easily actionable insights, to get in front of your prospects with the solutions that will best cater to their needs.  

5.Make everything as easy as possible for your prospects 

What they see is truly what they get. Once they sign off on a campaign with you, there’s no need for them to then go out and source expensive creative. The ad they see in the sales process is the ad that will go live, as it’s already built. 

That means everything is turned around much faster and speeds up the process of reacting to changes in market dynamics. It also means cost-efficiencies for your clients and the potential for more available budget to spend on campaigns rather than creative. 

If you’re looking to smash sales targets year on year by maximising current digital revenue, or exploring new tactics for acquiring new digital revenue growth then book a demo today to find out more.