Take a look at our 5 tips for fantastic summer ads!

March 29, 2016, written by Kavita Kovvali

Summer is coming so we want to share our 5 tips for fantastic summer ads. It’s time for holidays, drinks outside, new clothes and outdoor activities. By making vibrant summer ads with enticing messages, media owners and brands can really take advantage of increased consumer spending during this time. It’ll also soon be the start of the summer sales which is an incredibly competitive time for retailers, it’s vital to showcase products and present attractive offers. Crafting ads that draw the viewer’s attention amidst all the other ads that they see during the day will make the difference of where the shopper goes and our Ad tech can help achieve this for you.

We’re going to look at 5 ways to make summer ads more engaging.

1. Summer colours

Use summer colours with contrasting text or logos. These will immediately catch the eye of the viewers and let them understand your message right away. It’s important to use bright colours that suit the season and your brand, think about bases of yellows, blues and greens with high contrast messaging.

For colour inspiration, take a look at sites such as:


Design Seeds


2. Audience

Take the time to think about your target audience and what they respond best to. Write bold messages, focusing on what the viewer wants and their behaviours. Don’t be afraid to test some different options. Think about style, your product, demographics and location to create messages that really speak to the viewer. Don’t forget that this is going to change based on the latest trends, so always research and test to decide what works best for your audience now.


3. Offers

It’s nearly time for the summer sales and all the shoppers are eagerly expecting great deals across the shops. It’s a very competitive time for retailers who need to maximise sales and effectively manage their end of season products. Make the most of this key sales period with bold imagery and great offers which make people visit online and in-store. Think about what offers appeal to your market, are they price sensitive, do they want additional value and what are your competitors offering? You can also use clever messaging to drive people to your physical and online stores based on what your goal is. If you need to get footfall in your shop, then use digital ads to promote special sales days in store, or if you want more online traffic, you can use ads in store to let shoppers know you have exclusive sales online. Make sure your ad strategy and offers bring benefits across your sales channels.

summer teens fashion ad with discount 5 tips for fantastic summer ads

4. Inspirational

People are going to start planning their summer holidays very soon and even though some people will visit your site because they want something specific, there are lots of people who are seeking inspiration. Your website holds pages and pages of interesting information about various destinations and the things people can do there which really helps them picture themselves on holiday there. You can use your ad to entice them the same way with a teaser, use a captivating image along with a great package deal to capture their imagination.

5. Local

When it’s sunny, people immediately start socialising outdoors and they spend longer doing it. They are going to look for places they can go in their local areas so this is a great time for local shops, garden centres and restaurants to advertise, especially if, or example, they have summer specific products or outdoor dining areas. Also, it’s the summer holidays for schools so activity centres, museums and kids events will see huge surges in bookings and visits. Borrell Associates predict a “16.4% increase in local advertising” in 2016, many local businesses are already identifying display ads as the way to engage local visitors. Make your messaging specific to your area so that people can identify you right away.