Ad Production to create beautiful ads for your advertisers with higher engagement

Through partnering with Localstars, media owners have the opportunity to provide their clients with bespoke display ads that are on brand, look stunning, and will drive higher engagement for their campaigns.

By tapping into our creative studio talent, you can ensure you are able to offer your advertisers ad production as part of your digital display offering to them.

You’re able to provide them with one efficient service that runs from media ad production to dynamic ads and geo-targeting, right the way through to reporting. Each element will put them in the best possible position to secure the highest engagement for each of their campaigns.

Their campaigns will be easy to implement, efficient, and most importantly successful. Reinforcing the value your advertising channel provides them and becoming the go-to partner for success. Many businesses use the Localstars Platform to drive in-house efficiency, but for those businesses which love the platform but have an outsourcing strategy, we offer a large scale ad production option.

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Catering to your advertisers key requirements


Integral to your advertisers’ digital display strategies will be a desire to engage with the most appropriate audience for their brand. They’ll want to get their message out there, targeted to specific people, in key locations, with the best possible creative.

They want it to be easy, they want it to work and they want it to generate results. As a media owner, if you can provide an end-to-end solution that not only caters to all of these requirements but will also drive higher engagements in the process, you then become integral to their strategy.

If you can illustrate this value to your existing customers, you can also showcase it as part of your sales strategy to help increase your portfolio of advertisers.

Combining our ad builder and creative studio


When selling to your prospects, you give them the opportunity to see how their ads will look when live on one of your publications through our Sales Automation Engine (SAE).

Your key prospects will receive a link with example ads built and running in context on one of your websites. Everything will be tailored to that specific client and most-importantly will let them know exactly how their ad will look and how their message will be displayed.

This is the first step to put you in the best position to close with your hottest prospects. Once they sign off on the campaign, you have the option of utilising those existing ads to get their campaign live instantly or you can tap into the talent in our creative studio.

By working closely with our creative studio, you can ensure all the design requirements of your clients are taken care of, as well as increasing the opportunity to drive higher engagements for each of their campaigns.


Ad Production and workflow efficiency


When creating the ads, our creative studio will ensure that everything is done correctly to work with the specific ad server. You can then work with us to automate your approval process, ensuring all of the ads are checked and sent to the ad server without anyone having to manually do this. This is extremely important when your portfolio of publications covers hundreds of websites.

The upshot of this is that you can create the exact ads that your advertisers need and still ensure you run your operation efficiently.

If you want to deliver higher performing ads to your clients then contact us today to learn more.

If you want to deliver higher performing ads to your clients then contact us today to learn more.