“Some of the big media agencies have told publisher partners they want to cancel all audience-based targeting and focus entirely on contextual targeting”

GDPR isn’t only affecting our inboxes…


With so much market uncertainty surrounding the impact of GDPR, many ad buyers are reluctant to take risks with data-heavy audience targeting techniques that focus on following individuals around the web. But contextual targeting, where ads are targeted based on the context of what audiences are looking at on page, is suddenly looking a lot more appealing — and safer than the looming threat of up to £20m in fines.


While contextual targeting has always been an element of the media plan, its importance has been overshadowed by buyers chasing audience-based ad targeting at scale, which platforms like Facebook have made easy.

But what if your digital sales team had access to a campaign platform that was as easy to use as Facebook and provided all the sophisticated reporting of PPC? You could create not only winning adverts but develop deeper relationships with clients through machine learning.


Why you need Localstars in your bunker.

Over the last 10 years Localstars has developed a unique advertising technology specifically to give publishers control of their digital revenue streams. Through our online platform media owners of all types can sell, create, deliver and report, on online and mobile advertising from their own inventory and beyond in a compliant manner.


Design once, get multiple ads
 Empower your team, build 200+ sizes at the same time from a large list of proven ad templates.
Streamline workflows
Fit seamlessly into your workflow to enable and trafficking efficiencies auto-flighting ads.
Sales Automation
Drive revenues, power up machine learning to achieve between 25% and 45% conversion rates
Media sales support
We have Infrastructure integrations with LineUP, MediaSpectrum, Salesforce, DFP and many more
Audience Extension
Need more contextual to sell? Localstars partners have a limitless supply.
Simple pricing
An ‘all you can eat’ pricing model means you take all the upside on growth

Who we work with


In 2017 Localstars users created original artwork and delivered over 1 million ads and 2 billion impressions for companies such as, Global Radio, Haymarket, Sinclair Media and other organisations. In doing so we allowed media owners to leverage their online channels and make their sales teams more efficient.

Since then we’ve developed our adtech tools even further, with inventory based ads and dynamic features that allow ad content to change with product data or based on set contexts; weather, time of day, the day of week or language. And more developments are on the horizon in 2018/19 (sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date).

Has GDPR disrupted your marketing efforts? Are you now looking into different more effective marketing channels now GDPR is here?  Make sure any new suppliers are GDPR compliant and please contact us if you need a new or alternative solution.

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