The Localstars Ad Reach service allows media owners and advertisers to reach local audiences across 100s of websites

Ad Reach is our audience extension programme.

Ad Reach provides publishers with an opportunity to dramatically increase sales revenues by offering geo-targeted and relevant audiences to clients, allowing you to sell campaigns beyond your own websites.

By working with us, media owners can offer their advertisers visibility on 100s of websites within a 25-mile radius of their targeted location.

Ad reach Localstars geotargeting and retargeting

How does it work?

Your advertiser provides services in a particular town.

Not only would they be able to advertise this on a specific media owner’s site, but they can now also place their ads on other trusted sites where local viewers are browsing.

This provides far more relevant coverage which will increase their visibility and allow you to enhance your digital display revenues.

The Ad Reach product is ideal for larger publishers wanting to offer advertisers a greater share of local audiences and is also a great solution for media owners that face challenges such as limited digital audiences, resource gaps and restricted sales packages.