Through the Localstars platform, media owners have the opportunity to offer their advertisers dynamic ads and dynamic creative that changes based on external factors. Through dynamic banner ads for example, the banners will automatically change so the content or promotion can be adapted to be specific to that user at that certain time.

This will be key to your advertiser’s marketing strategy.

By catering to your clients’ needs rather than simply offering digital display on your suite of publications, you enable them to secure better results from their campaigns as well as creating the opportunity for yourself to boost your ad revenue and steal a march on your competition.


The benefit for your advertisers...

The same creative simply won’t work every single time. By going live with just one creative, your advertiser’s campaign will be ineffective and costly as there’s no guarantee their target audience will always engage with the ads in just one form.

If this is the service you offer, it’s likely to turn advertisers off. They know their audience want tailored content. It’s up to you as a media owner to make sure that this is a reality.

Your advertisers’ target audiences...

Let’s think about your clients’ target audiences.

They’re so much more than their customer profiles. They are real people, and the thing with real people is that they change from moment to moment.

On the way into the office they consume information quickly in bursts, when relaxing at home they want entertainment and when shopping it’s all about price. External factors such as the weather and political events can also have an impact on their mindset.

One consistent message throughout the day and ongoing for the life of the campaign, simply won’t resonate with a target audience all of the time.

If your clients miss the opportunity to engage with their customers in the right way during the key moments that matter to them, their ad spend is ineffective, costly and subject to far too much wastage.

At Localstars we make sure that your advertisers’ campaigns  are responsive and change in line with specific external data making intelligent use of their ad spend.

What is meant by external data?

External data can include weather, time of day, the day of the week, what a user has searched for before, world events, local events, and even fluctuations in the stock market.

We make the data available so now is the time to use it.


Why should I offer dynamic ads to my advertisers?

There are two main reasons why it’s essential to offer dynamic advertising to your advertisers.

Firstly, you will be able to increase the effectiveness of the ads you offer. Secondly, you will provide your advertisers with ads that can run for longer increasing their return and your revenue. All value-added services in your offering.


What are the benefits of the Localstars platform?

As well as engaging with their audiences in the best possible manner, dynamic ads with Localstars also carry a number of benefits, including:

  • Being an ideal solution for “always on” and longer-term campaigns as they enable ads to change through the life of the campaign
  • Simplicity, the ads will enable multiple variations of the creative to live off one tag, with all the dynamics being managed by the Localstars platform
  • Improved response – most importantly, dynamic ads typically generate a substantially better CTR due to their higher relevance

If you want to deliver more intelligent ad space to your clients then contact us today to learn more