Ad Reach is our Audience Extension Programme

Ad Reach, our Audience extension programme provides publishers with an opportunity to dramatically increase sales revenues by offering geo-targeted and relevant audiences to clients, allowing you to sell campaigns beyond your own websites.

Targeting audiences and the value to your clients

The Localstars platform empowers you to help target your clients' perfect audience

Your clients’ ad spend is all about value. How can you give them the best possible value from their digital display spend if you limit it simply to your own publications?

The key to providing them with the best bang for their buck is to give them the opportunity to get in front of the customers that really matter for their business.

If you extend your audience offering, you can make sure their spend goes towards engaging with the people that matter at the right time. This is where you’ll really begin to show your value and increase your clients’ ad ROI and future investments.

Audience extension and the value to you

Audience Extension offers a fantastic opportunity for media owners in two key ways

Audience Extension offers a fantastic opportunity for Media Owners in two key ways. An opportunity for media owners of all sizes to both increase digital sales revenues and enhance the digital display offering to advertisers.

If you limit the possibility to advertise only on your owned and operated sites, both you and your advertisers will be missing huge opportunities.

By increasing the range of ad space to sites outside your portfolio, you increase the likelihood of a successful campaign and the chance for your advertisers to keep coming back again and again to you with their advertising spend.

Empowering media owners to reach local audiences across hundreds of third-party websites for their advertisers

Targeting audiences – how it’s done
Through the Localstars platform, we can help your client reach the right audience, producing more effective campaigns and better engagement. We enable your clients to target users across hundreds of different websites using a variety of specific ad targeting techniques, including Keyword Search Targeting, the Category of the content, Geo-targeting, Geo-fencing and Re-targeting.
Our 3-step process for targeted success
At Localstars we manage the process from start to finish, using three key steps:
1. Create a compelling suite of digital ads – these will be able to run across hundreds of websites
2. Implement specific ad targeting techniques that are right for your client and enhance the campaign to achieve the best results
3. Report valuable insights including reviews on the progress of the campaign, simple and clear reporting

Are you looking to provide more value and revenue from your advertising by offering more than impressions and clicks?


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