The Localstars Ad Builder facilitates the creation of beautiful, feature-rich, multi-shape HTML5 omni-channel Ads in minutes.


Key features

  • Our ad builder is quick and easy to use and offers key benefits for media owners, publishers and advertisers
  • It allows for rapid design and deployment of multi-format ads
  • Social Media, Feed Ads and Dynamic Ads
  • Choose from over a thousand ad template variations – including countless industry-specific templates
  • Design your ads once and let the platform take care of reformatting it into over 200 different shapes
  • Each ad template has been designed to drive engagement and encourage  click-throughs
  • Specify multiple click destinations so you can direct customers to exactly where you want them to be
  • We provide you with one Smart Tag for any format (including Google AMP)
  • Any changes that are made to the creative automatically updates the ad in real time, so you never need to halt a campaign for amendments or worry about long delays from creative updates to trafficking

Build beautiful omni-channel ads that click through to multiple destinations, for every device and shape at the same time. Increase ad production efficiency, as well as accelerate ad sales. Our solution can be tailored to suit your exact needs and requirements.

The Benefit for your Sales strategy...

How do you ensure your prospects are engaged? How can you increase the chances of your contact understanding exactly how an ad will look when it’s live on one of your publications? How do you help them get sign off from their internal stakeholders?

Visualisation is so important to your prospects and the success of your sales strategy.

If your prospect can see their ad it makes everything real. They can instantly understand how it fits in with their brand guidelines, how their call to action or offer is brought to life and how their end users will ultimately engage with it.

If you can show them this, you’re already in front of your competition.

At Localstars, our platform can truly become your lead to revenue partner. You can use our ad builder to sell to your customers as well as provide a ready-made solution for their display activity.

The first stage of our Sales Automation Engine enables you to utilise our ad builder to create on-brand ads that are automatically tailored for each of your targets in minutes. This gives them the knowledge of how their ads will look.

They’ll then receive a link to view exactly how it will appear when live on one of your publications. That’s your visualisation check-box ticked off. Your contact’s interest will be piqued, they’ll know exactly what they’re going to get, and you can kick-start your sales pitch when you know they’re engaged.


Your advertisers need to get their message out there. They need to engage with the right customers, with the right message at the right time.

That’s no problem. Our platform can cater to that.

They need to speak to their target audience on a local level and understand key metrics to inform their ongoing digital strategy.

We can do that too.

But none of that matters if their ad isn’t on-brand, engaging, visually appealing and with the right message.

You need to give your advertisers the opportunity to get their message out quickly and in the right manner. Through our ad builder, you can create custom banners online that fit with their brand, that can be built in minutes and that can be edited quickly and easily before or after they go live.

This means that your advertisers can implement their display strategy without the requirement for a large production budget and they can still engage with their audience in the best way possible.

That’s where you can really add value to the digital marketing activity of your advertisers.

If you want to provide an end-to-end solution for your advertisers’ digital display activity then contact us today to learn more.