We're on the lookout for a Data Scientist

A bit abouts us

There’s been a data revolution that’s driving where and to whom Advertisers deliver their messages. But despite this delivering incremental returns for their advertising spend, this has ignored the creative and emotional element that advertising is based on. There’s so much more that can be done to create great looking, relevant ads.

Localstars is changing the way Brands and Agencies think about their creative in the data and programmatic world. Not only will we once again make creative design core to all messaging, but also allow our customers to use the vast data they have about their customers in the process. We will effectively use technology to optimise and deliver back insights to their marketing functions so that they can better understand who their customers are and what makes them tick.

In order to do this, we need the help of enthusiastic, enterprising data scientists to help create learning systems to inform and optimise ad design towards achieving any marketing goal.

A quick guide to Digital Sales AI by Localstars

About the role

  • Analyse data patterns and identify the statistical model
  • Design algorithms and systems to model the business problem
  • Lead an effort to create a service that recommends creative attributes that will improve ad performance
  • Implement optimisation techniques that maximise ROI to audiences and devices

What we need from you

  • Deep understanding of statistical and predictive modeling concepts, machine-learning approaches, clustering and classification techniques, and recommendation and optimization algorithms.
  • Expert in analyzing large, complex, multi-dimensional datasets with a variety of tools
  • Accomplished in the use of statistical analysis environments such as R, MATLAB, SPSS or SAS
  • Experienced in the use of TensorFlow and familiar with SQL, Python, Java and/or C/C++.
  • Knowledge of Hadoop Map-Reduce, Spark, Hive, Avro
  • Experience with cloud base AI technologies Amazon/Google AI/ML
  • Statistically astute including use of linear regression, chaid etc
  • Self-motivated and capable of working in autonomy
    Competencies on BI tools an advantage
If you’re ready for a new challenge or to find out more, contact us with your CV at careers@localstars.com.