The unique Localstars HTML5 Banner Ad Platform is the one place media owners, publishers and agencies need to go to create digital ads in minutes.

How to Build Hundreds of Beautiful HTML5 Ads in Minutes - - Empower Your Sales Team with Sales Automation

Key Features

  • Automate asset capture, image upload and storage, PDF decompiler
  • Make display ads with our user friendly ad builder
  • Automatically create mobile friendly responsive ads
  • Output spec ads to increase sales
  • Access edit tools to make real time changes
  • Edit one, multiple or all shapes simultaneously
  • Output proofs to quickly share
  • Choose from 100s of creative template styles

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At the heart of the Localstars Solution is a Digital Advertising Management Platform designed to accelerate sales and increase ad production efficiency for publishers, brands and agencies. Our solution is flexible and can be tailored to suit your business requirements.