Take the Localstars ad-building challenge and start building great digital ad campaigns in minutes.

Localstars make ad campaigns easy with the Localstars Ad Builder

Most media owners have done a great job in becoming operationally efficient in recent years. Ad production departments have learnt to do more with less but the challenges of creating compelling digital ad production remains a time-consuming challenge. Whether you run in-house teams or work with outsourced partners, we can help take you to the next level of efficiency on your ad campaigns.

We empathise that media owners and publishers will all have different individual needs and requirements.

Our solution is flexible and tailored to ensure all your business needs are met. Create award-winning ad campaigns, use our creative selling techniques to super-charge your sales team, extend your audience reach and enhance your internal workflows.

We provide an easy way for media owners, publishers and broadcasters to create high impact ads and grow their display advertising revenues. Watch our video to see how easy it is to get started with ad campaigns.

Take the Localstars challenge and start building multi-platform ads in minutes and help your media business grow advertising revenues in an even more cost-effective and operationally smart way.