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Digital Ad & Video Creation Solutions for Publishers

Digital Ad Production Transformed

Localstars Advance, our ads creation platform, enables publishers to sell, create and deliver digital ads faster than ever before. By removing the barriers of selling direct advertising, Advance helps publishers to massively upscale digital display ad revenues.


Digital Video Creation for Everyone

Video is a great way to make an impact online. The Localstars’ Video Service lets publishers, digital marketing service providers and agencies offer high quality videos at scale, at an affordable rate with minimal operational impact.


Mediastore – Online Self-service Re-invented

Mediastore re-invents online advertising self-serve for publishers. As well as making it easy for advertisers to create their own adverts, Mediastore enables publishers to make available, editable and re-runnable all your adverts – whether created in-house or out of house.



What people say about Localstars

“A significant step forward was our partnership with Localstars, a UK-based organisation that has successfully automated the creation of online advertisements, allowing our local advertisers to seamlessly buy both print and digital services. As a result digital advertising revenues grew 55% year on year in Q4″

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